Shopify SEO

Does Shopify SEO Still Matter?


In a way, Shopify SEO matters in the fact that if you are doing it wrong, then it can negatively affect your Shopify store. However, in many cases, if you are getting the basics right, then you can let your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) fix itself. Here is why SEO does and doesn’t matter for your Shopify store.

It Matters If You Do It Wrong

There are three varieties of doing it wrong. There are the people who are trying too hard to manipulate the system and are messing up any chance of them being ranked highly. Then there are the people who are doing things wrong without really realizing it, and there are people who are paying for SEO services that are actually damaging their search engine ranking.

The people who are trying too hard are the ones who add keywords into their text where it doesn’t belong. They add images, page elements, and social elements that simply don’t need to be there. They are the people who heard that tables are a good idea, so they add a table to every page even though they don’t need it. When people do these things, they make their websites less usable and less engaging, which is damaging to your SEO.

The people who are doing their SEO wrong without knowing it are typically the people who don’t give their pages correct names, make their navigation difficult to work with, or they add images that don’t load very well because they are too big. These are the people who could use a top-quality service to come in and fix up their website correctly.

Finally, there are those who are paying for SEO services, but who are actually getting scammed. They are people who are paying to have their website marketed, and they receive lots of traffic, but nobody buys. This is because the SEO marketers are just paying for clicks so that it looks like your website is popular. This sort of thing damages your SEO quite a bit.

It Mostly Doesn’t Matter

The truth is that Shopify has made it pretty easy to create a fairly good website. They are similar to WordPress because they do most of the work for you. All you should concentrate on is doing the bare necessities for your SEO, and then making sure your website is user-friendly and puts the user first. If you take that philosophy, then people will visit your website, they will keep coming back to your website, and that is how you rank up the search engines. You simply create a website that people want to use, that serves a purpose, and that people want to return to.

Can I Get SEO Help?

Yes, there are a few companies out there that will help you with your Shopify SEO. The hard part is finding the good ones. There are a few good ones out there, but it is very easy to set yourself up as an SEO expert and then start charging people. As a result, there are a lot of poor-quality SEO companies out there too. If you are looking for good SEO advice, then get in touch with the Collective Fab Agency today and start discussing your needs. You will be quite happy with the results.