shopify app developer

Is it Time to Quit or Time to Call a Shopify App Developer?

Most Shopify businesses disappear within two years. That is usually the amount of time it takes for a business’s profits to lag to the point where continuing is either done as a hobby or just for a small side hustle. Those who go on to become profitable businesses are going to hit several snags along…

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Shopify App Developer

Why You Should Hire a Shopify App Developer

The Shopify system allows users to create their own apps. It doesn’t give you the tools to do it, but it gives you plenty of help integrating your app designs with the Shopify platform. If you want a Shopify app, then you should probably hire a Shopify app developer rather than trying to do it…

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Shopify web developer

What is a Shopify Web Developer and How Do I Become One?

The term “Shopify web developer” can mean a number of things. At its worst, it means somebody else signs into your Shopify account and creates your website for you. At its best, it is a coder/programmer who creates custom themes (template) and custom elements for your Shopify website. The idea behind hiring a Shopify developer…

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