Shopify experts

Wrong Advice Given By So Called Shopify Experts

We have all read the so-called great advice by so-called Shopify experts, usually consisting of generic advice that could be applied to any website or online platform. Then we have seen the highly technical advice that in most cases makes no difference to the success of the Shopify website. Yet, the Shopify system is now…

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Shopify web design

Does Shopify Web Design Make Any Difference in Sales?

The answer to this perfectly reasonable question is so multifaceted to the point where it doesn’t matter. There are so many angles, so many factors, that asking if Shopify web design makes a difference seems to invite a different answer for every Shopify website owner. However, to cover some of the broader answers to this…

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Shopify marketing

Why Isn’t My Shopify Marketing Getting Results?

There are probably lots of reasons why your Shopify marketing isn’t working, after all, there are thousands of different types of Shopify business and online shops, and each probably has its own reasons for succeeding or failing. However, the question of why a Shopify business is failing is reminiscent of a scene from the brilliant…

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Shopify web developer

What is a Shopify Web Developer and How Do I Become One?

The term “Shopify web developer” can mean a number of things. At its worst, it means somebody else signs into your Shopify account and creates your website for you. At its best, it is a coder/programmer who creates custom themes (template) and custom elements for your Shopify website. The idea behind hiring a Shopify developer…

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shopify app developer

What Is a Shopify App Developer?

Just like WordPress, Shopify allows Shopify app developers and users to add functions by extending the core program. In the case of WordPress, these added functions are called plugins. In the case of Shopify, they are called plugins or extensions. There are two types of Shopify app. Some act as extensions to the core program,…

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Shopify web developers

Top Tips That Shopify Web Developers Don’t Want You To Know

Let’s face it, if Shopify web developers started shouting about all the secrets and tips they have stored in their minds, then they would put themselves out of business. There are certain things that Shopify experts and web developers don’t want you to know, and here they are. Loading Times Are Most of Your Grade…

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