Collective Fab Agency

The Innovative Ways The Collective Fab Agency Remains Recession-proof

A recession-proof business is one that can continue to grow and make steady profits even during a recession or depression. So far, the long-established Collective Fab Agency  has proven it can make profits and even grow during very turbulent economic times, and the question is…how? It turns out the answer is pretty layered, but here…

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Shopify SEO

Ways That Your Shopify SEO is Failing Your Business

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is commonly misunderstood. Back in the old days, it was about adding keywords, links, writing press releases and so forth. These days, SEO is all about how users interact with your website. If people favor your website over others, then it ranks up the search engine results. Since people still misunderstand…

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Collective-fab Agency

Web Design Mistakes That The Collectivefab Agency Says Will Ruin Your Website

The Collective-fab Agency consists of a team of experts and consultants who have worked in the web design and website development industry for years. Over time, they have learned what works and what doesn’t in the real world. The sad fact is that many ideas that seem like they should work actually do not work at…

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Shopify app developer

What Does a Shopify App Developer Do and Why?

Shopify has a “Dev” section on its website. It was built for the developer who wants to create an app. That begs the question, why should Shopify promote the idea of people creating apps? Wouldn’t Shopify want to control its own apps and the app market in general? On the contrary, the people behind Shopify…

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Shopify Web Designer

What Features Do Shopify Web Designers Offer?

We all know what Shopify web designers do, but what else do they offer besides the usual web design? Some offer apps, and some even offer content, but what else could you expect from a Shopify web designer? Here are a few features that different designers offer their clients and customers. Seamless User Experiences Setting…

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Shopify Web Design

How to Make Shopify Web Design Easier?

Modern web design is not so difficult. Platforms like Shopify and WordPress have made it very easy to build your own website. Still, there are many ways to mess up your Shopify web design. Follow these tips to help ensure your website looks as professional as possible. Keep Things Very Simple There is this unreliable…

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Shopify Marketing

Tips for Difficult Shopify Marketing

Shopify businesses can be difficult to promote because there are so many of them. Shopify has become a massive platform that is somehow still beating the recession. There are a number of people running their own Shopify businesses which may be making Shopify marketing a bit more expensive. Here are a few tips that most…

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Shopify Web Developer

Reasons to Hire a Specific Shopify Web Developer

A modern Shopify web developer can help you drive more sales, get more customers, tighten up your website security, run your website faster and do better on the search engines. There are plenty of reasons to hire a Shopify web developer. Yet, what about the company itself? What should you look for in a web…

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Shopify Marketing

How to Beat Other Shopify Users With Your Shopify Marketing

The weird thing about this subject is that the Shopify blog actually tells you ten effective ways to market your blog products. Here is the link for those of you who haven’t read it (Shopify Blog). You may think that the obvious advice is that you should do different things to what their own blog…

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