Shopify Web Developer

Can a Shopify Web Developer Make a Website More Secure?

There is always a buzz about website security. Russia and China have warehouses full of machines that they are using to brute force their way into Western computer systems. The problem with systems like Shopify is that as soon as an exploit is created, it applies to all Shopify websites. However, if you hire a…

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Shopify App Developer

Why You Should Hire a Shopify App Developer

The Shopify system allows users to create their own apps. It doesn’t give you the tools to do it, but it gives you plenty of help integrating your app designs with the Shopify platform. If you want a Shopify app, then you should probably hire a Shopify app developer rather than trying to do it…

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Shopify SEO

Simple But Effective Shopify SEO Advice

Modern SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keeps on changing. This article offers some simple SEO advice since the simple stuff doesn’t change or evolve as quickly as the more advanced Shopify SEO advice. Before you dismiss this information as “Common knowledge” remember that advice like “Get more sleep” and “Don’t eat fatty foods” is also common…

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Collective Fab Agency

Search Engine Marketing Advice From The Collective Fab Agency

The Collective Fab Agency has spent years helping people get noticed on the Internet. Helping large businesses, small startups, and even social media influencers make their mark on the world wide web. These days, search engine marketing has changed quite a bit. Here are a few things you should seriously consider the next time you…

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the best things about hiring a shopify web developer

The Best Things About Hiring a Shopify Web Developer

If you are running a Shopify website, you are probably aware of the many companies offering web development services to Shopify users. These developer types seem to be everywhere these days. Their business is booming. Have you ever wondered why? Turns out that hiring a Shopify web developer has some pretty good benefits. Here are…

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