Shopify SEO

How to Blast Other Peoples’ Shopify SEO Out Of The Water

Wait a minute, how are we supposed to blast other people’s Shopify SEO out of the water? They are all competing with me? We are competing on the same level? They probably know everything I do and try just as hard as I do. How am I supposed to beat them? The answer is simple. You do all the stuff you are supposed to do, and then you do a bit extra in the name of SEO. You follow the rules, then you jump over the rules to try harder and new things. Here is what you do.

Find Out What You Shouldn’t Be Doing

You need to get some seriously good information from Google, and only from Google, and you need to figure out what you “Shouldn’t” be doing. Forget what other people tell you about perfect grammar and a different keyword for each page. Let other people work on that stuff. You need to find out what you are not supposed to do, and then work on avoiding those problems while you work on your website. The people who are obsessed with getting things perfect, those obsessed with the smaller details, those who are obsessed with measuring, they are people who might not be making that much money. 

Do you have something that needs to go on your website? Get it on there and then get out and promote it. Find out what you shouldn’t be doing, such as you shouldn’t be keyword stuffing, you shouldn’t be loaded down with plugins that slow your web pages down. You shouldn’t be trying to trick people. Know what you shouldn’t be doing, avoid those things, and then leave the details up to people who have time to mess around. 

Pictures and Videos Sell

If you are running a jewelry line, do you honestly think it is your excellent placement of keywords that is going to sell your products? Or, is it your amazing photographic images that are going to sell your products? If you are selling the world’s best RC cars, do you think it is the ALT text in your content that is going to sell your products, or is it your banging videos of your cars going super-fast?

Popularity is the Best SEO You Can Ever Have

Picture this, a website that is perfectly optimized. Every single piece of SEO is perfect, from the metadata to the neat coding. They sell hats for snails. Now, picture a website that is slathered with pictures of a limited edition motorcycle. Just image after image of the bike, not to mention the links and embeds of videos showing this bike tearing up the road.

Which is the most search engine friendly and which is the most popular? The popular one will be far up the search engine results than the snail hat website (no matter how well optimized). In a perfect situation, you want the best of both worlds. In which case, get in touch with the Collective Fab Agency, have them tick all the boxes on your Shopify SEO, and meanwhile, get promoting your content so that people are flocking to your website in droves. When the people come, the search engines will follow!!!