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Is it Time to Quit or Time to Call a Shopify App Developer?

Most Shopify businesses disappear within two years. That is usually the amount of time it takes for a business’s profits to lag to the point where continuing is either done as a hobby or just for a small side hustle. Those who go on to become profitable businesses are going to hit several snags along the way. These range from technological and social problems to marketing and business management problems. There will come a time when each Shopify website owner comes to a crossroads. To quit the business, or fix the problem using a Shopify developer. This article demonstrates examples of how a Shopify website may overcome its problems with a Shopify App Developer.

What Does a Shopify Developer Do?

Think of a developer as an engineer. With that in mind, they can do most things for your business. They can create apps, they can create embedded website tools, they can help with your loading times, they can help with traffic control, data management, and security and they can help quite a bit with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Developers can create templates or adjust current templates to add further functions to a website. If you find the right developer, they can fix almost any website-related problem.

Technological Problems 

These are the most common because of things like Shopify updates, web browser updates, app updates, theme updates and so on. It only takes a bit of unwelcome code within an update, and parts of your website may start disappearing. Developers can fix these problems and help improve your website so that future tech problems are less likely to happen.

Social Problems

Are you having trouble getting people from social media onto your website? Are your clicks getting intercepted by everything from Geo-fencing protocols to cookie-pop ups? Have you noticed your social media analytics failing to register attention? Do you need an app to help you capture more sales from the massive social media following you already have? In these cases and many more, hiring a developer is the best thing you can do for your business.

Marketing Problems

Is it difficult to get people from your landing page to your checkout? A developer can create a sales funnel, or create a dynamic website that drives sales differently depending on the viewer’s profile. A developer can create third-party software to spread your brand message, with everything from data-gathering tools to apps people download and use.

Business Management Problems

Is the sales pipeline getting clogged because it takes too long between somebody making a purchase and you receiving the payment? Are you getting backlogs of shipping requests because they are not in intuitive working order? A developer can fix these sorts of problems easily by installing new frameworks, or by simply tweaking the systems you already have.

Did You Find a Good Developer?

The problems listed in this article are just a few of the issues that Shopify website owners may face while they are running their online business. A Shopify App Developer can fix many of these problems if you actually hire a good one. Strongly consider working with us, the Collective Fab Agency the next time you want to expand your Shopify website, adjust, customize or improve your website. In the collective hands of the CFA, you can achieve just about anything.