shopify app developer

What Is a Shopify App Developer?

Just like WordPress, Shopify allows Shopify app developers and users to add functions by extending the core program. In the case of WordPress, these added functions are called plugins. In the case of Shopify, they are called plugins or extensions. There are two types of Shopify app. Some act as extensions to the core program,…

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Shopify web developers

Top Tips That Shopify Web Developers Don’t Want You To Know

Let’s face it, if Shopify web developers started shouting about all the secrets and tips they have stored in their minds, then they would put themselves out of business. There are certain things that Shopify experts and web developers don’t want you to know, and here they are. Loading Times Are Most of Your Grade…

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shopify experts

Who Are Shopify Experts?

The truth is that the phrase, ‘Shopify Experts‘ is not a protected term. For example, ‘dietitian’ is a protected term whereas ‘nutritionist’ is not. This means that only qualified people can call themselves dietitians, but anybody can call themselves nutritionists. The phrase ‘Shopify Expert’ is similar to ‘nutritionist’ by the fact that anybody can call…

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Shopify web design

Can Top Quality Shopify Web Design Save Your Online Business?

Yes, top-quality Shopify Web Design can save your online business, but it isn’t a guarantee. There are many reasons why your online business may be failing. However, there are times when the things that are causing your failure can be glossed over with a good Shopify web design. Think of it as a restaurant. There…

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Shopify Experts

Top Tips That the Shopify Experts Don’t Want You To Know

If Shopify experts are truly experts, wouldn’t they want you to know everything? Wouldn’t they want you to have all the information? Ironically, no they wouldn’t. If they told you everything about running a successful Shopify website, then you would be the expert and they wouldn’t make any money from being experts. What the experts…

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