Shopify app developer

What Can a Shopify App Developer Do for an Established Website?

As it stands, a Shopify app developer is better poised to serve existing websites than new websites and upcoming websites. If you already have a well-rounded and finished website, and if you already have an established user base, then an app developer can help push your business to newer and higher levels.

What Can an App Developer Do For You?

The most common function is to have your website mirrored in an app. In other words, you have an app created that does most of the things your website does. In many cases, people like to pare down what their app does from what the website does. They tend to keep app functions down to the basics, such as buying, selling, shipping, etc. They keep things like security updates, profile updates, and so forth, to the website only.

Why Does An App Suit Finished Shopify websites?

When people hire an app developer to create a companion app for their Shopify website, they want branding and layout to match. Things need to look similar and act in similar ways so that people recognize what they are working with, and because if your app looks and acts the same way as your website, then people can use their intuition as to how to operate your app.

On the other hand, if you are still developing your website and changing things, then your website and your app will be out of sync. Features that appear on your website will not appear on your app, and even simple tools or functionalities may not work the same. Either you maintain this disconnect between your app and your Shopify website, or you keep going back to your app to have it re-developed so that it matches your website. It is far better to have a full and finished website that you are happy with before you start thinking about an app.

Why is an Already-Existing Customer Base Important?

You want people to try and test your app. There are going to be bugs and problems, and the longer they linger, then the worse reviews your apps get and the harder it is to get people to download and use your app. If you already have a baked-in user base, you can incentivize them to download your app with a few freebies and deep discounts and add further discounts and freebies if they fill in a survey explaining what they liked and disliked. You can also have them report bugs so that you can fix them as soon as possible.

Do You Need a Shopify App Developer?

If you are looking for a developer, then get a few quotes from different companies and only engage with the ones who listen to what you need and offer a quote based on the functions you demand. Avoid the ones that try to lowball the quote because they are either going to scam you, or they are going to tag on a bunch of added fees near the end of the project. If you are looking for a well-respected team of app developers, then look no further than the Collective Fab Agency.