Shopify experts

Wrong Advice Given By So Called Shopify Experts

We have all read the so-called great advice by so-called Shopify experts, usually consisting of generic advice that could be applied to any website or online platform. Then we have seen the highly technical advice that in most cases makes no difference to the success of the Shopify website. Yet, the Shopify system is now worth over one billion dollars, so there are a lot of people out there calling themselves experts. Here are some of the more glaring examples of poor-quality advice from so-called experts.

It Doesn’t Matter How Much Money You Spend

This is one of those faux pieces of advice that often touts the benefits of strategy overspending and then goes on to give you strategies that you always end up paying for. In reality, of course spending lots of money makes a difference. That is why poor quality shops and websites are able to become so successful, it is because they have lots of money behind them.

If you throw enough money at your Shopify project, then it will see more success, but most people don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to put towards a campaign. The key to real success is to start small, test what works and what doesn’t, and then expand and scale up the things that work, investing your money in what you know works.

Having No Budget is a Big Mistake

On the other end of the spectrum are the people who say you should have a budget for each of your business elements if you want to be successful. They say you should have a marketing budget to help you generate and perpetuate your success, but that is not true. The idea of starting on a shoestring budget means that you invest more once you make more. It is obviously a lot more difficult to make sales if you don’t have a marketing budget, but that doesn’t mean that “Not” having one is a mistake. Spending money you don’t have–that is a mistake! You can start with nothing and then invest in your business as you start making sales.

Bad Store Design is a Business Killer

This is partially wrong. In almost every case, it is an over-complicated design that spoils the store. The Shopify system is set up to make creating your website very easy. They have made it so that getting it wrong and creating a horrible design is difficult. The ones that end up looking horrible are the ones where they are too busy and too complicated. This is typically what happens when people put too much content into their website or they add too many systems. In reality, it is over complicated designs that are a business killer.

Get The Right Type of Help For Your Budget

You should forget what the Shopify experts say, you should start small and work your way up. As you see new problems, such as problems while you are trying to scale up, then you start seeking help. If you are starting to see some success within your Shopify business and you want to change things up a gear, then get in touch with Collective Fab Agency and start discussing your options. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve on a limited budget.