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The Collective Fab Agency Offers Money-Saving Tips For Your Shopify Website

The Collective Fab Agency has helped numerous Shopify websites in the English-speaking world. The team at Collective is well aware of all the ways that Shopify website owners spend their money. Here are a few of the most common examples of how you may save money on your Shopify website.

Stop Paying For Traffic

Paying for traffic comes in many forms. The worst form is where a company claims it is going to drive more traffic to your website through clever marketing, and then sends a bunch of bots to your website. Your analytics don’t see the difference between bots and real people, so you think you have lots of new traffic when really you don’t.

Stop Paying For Poorly Defined Re-Branding

Many marketing companies claim they can re-brand your Shopify website to make it more successful, but if you opt for these services, make sure the boundaries are very well defined. In most cases, the website gets a new tagline and changes its overall look, but that is all that changes.

A real rebranding means abandoning old unique selling points and installing new ones. It means spreading the word and changing a company’s entire outlook. It doesn’t mean a new Shopify template and new ways to describe your products.

Lower Your Number of Subscriptions

Some websites spend money on subscriptions for website forms. In order to add forms to their website, they pay a subscription, which can be a waste of money. Some people pay for Adobe photoshop when Inkscape and Gimp can be used for free. Try not to pay for photoshop services, if you are only going to use them three or four times per year.

If you are about to embark on a new subscription, be it for website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or be it for a new plugin, strongly consider free or one-time purchase alternatives.

Giving Free Gifts for Customers

The reason these are a waste of money is usually twofold. Firstly, free gifts rarely work in an online situation unless it is something like a voucher or online discount. Secondly, people buy cheap gifts in bulk and they are often of a less-than-good quality. If you want good value for money, you often have to pay far more than you do on these bulk-buy deals. If your free gifts do not have genuine resale value, then save your money and invest it somewhere else.

Paying Influencers on Social Media

If you are running your project through a service like that of the Collective Fab Agency team, then marketing teams in that ilk may use influencers to help get the message out. However, marketing services have had years of experience dealing with influencers. They know which to choose, what to make them do, and how much to pay them. If you “Go it alone” and approach an influencer on your own, then not only will you be overcharged, but the impact you get for your money will be terrible. The fact is that social media is a very fleeting thing, which means if you don’t get a bang for your buck right away, then your investment is lost. Get in touch with the team at the Collective Fab Agency if you really want good value for money in any social media setting.