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Modern Shopify SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

In most cases, Shopify SEO doesn’t matter at all. Google pretty much has you covered in that regard. Even websites that have no interest in fixing their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are somehow able to drive thousands of people to their websites. Perhaps in this day and age, you should mostly consider what “Not” to do with regards to SEO.

You can spend all year working on your SEO and see no gains at all, but there are certain mistakes you can make that will drop you from the search engine results in half a day. Here are a few SEO mistakes you should probably avoid.

Pop-Ups of Any Kind

The internet is loaded with “Evidence” that pop-ups help your business. There are “Studies” that claim they help retain your customers, they help improve sign-ups, they improve your overall earnings, and where this is the case, all varieties of pop-ups are damaging to your SEO. Even Google’s own Google Ads pop-ups will slow your traffic numbers down over the long term. It may not show at first, but once you have disabled your popups, your website will start growing at an organic rate.

Adding Images Just “Because”

You are often told by services like “Yoast” that images are important and that their ALT text is important too, but that is not the case anymore. That is from the old school of SEO. Modern SEO is all about being user-friendly and useful. If you are adding images that do not add to the overall usefulness of your website, then you are holding your SEO back.

There are probably several examples of people doing things just “Because” they were told to by an “Expert” or online article. If what you are doing doesn’t make your website more useful or more user-friendly, if you are doing it simply because you want to rank up higher on the search engine results, then it is probably the wrong thing to do. The websites that succeed over the long term are the ones that focus on the user and not on SEO tricks.

Allowing Your Website to Go Slowly

This is a tricky one because sometimes plugins/add-ons slow down your website and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the things you have on your website will slow down its loading times, but your website would be lost without those things.

Either way, take a look at Google’s Developer tools and search out the website speed test. It shows you all the elements that are slowing your website down. Google isn’t as speed-hungry as it used to be now that fiber optic Internet is a big thing. Still, having an overly slow website is going to damage your overall SEO.

Fix Your Most Damaging SEO Problems

If your Shopify SEO is really struggling, and you need help from the professionals, then get in touch with the team at the Collective Fab Agency. With the help of seasoned professionals, you can identify the reasons why your website is struggling so much, and you can eliminate the SEO problems that are holding you back. Get in touch today and get some genuine help and advice for your website’s SEO.