Shopify Marketing

Can Shopify Marketing Be Done For Less Money?


Yes, Shopify Marketing can be done for lower costs, but the real question is, can it be done effectively? Can it be done in a way that allows you to draw a profit mostly from conversions you make during advertising? The answer to that is no. You can draw a little bit of traffic and a few sales from overly cheap methods, but in the long term, you will always have to rely on paying to market your Shopify store. 

The Reason You Have To Pay

Legitimate business is highly competitive because everybody is trying to draw a profit. Unless you are selling something completely unique, then you have competitors, and they are paying for marketing. That is the biggest reason why paid marketing is the only long-term solution. Even if every marketing method were completely free, people would still pay just to get ahead of their competitors. 

What About Social Media?

This is a sticking point for most people. They cannot understand how something that is free (like social media) isn’t their key to free marketing. Plus, people do make a few sales on social media and figure they can expand their operations that way. 

Yet, even if we pretend that your time and your effort are a “Free” element to your marketing, the fact is that you will not draw enough people in through social media to fund your business and push it into perpetual profit. Even influencers with millions of followers are unable to sustain a business on social media alone. You need to pay, in one way or another, or your marketing will never reach the heights required to keep a business in profit. 

What Can Be Done For Less Money?

Things like Google Ads can be done for very little money. You can pay tiny amounts for bids. You will not get very much traffic, and the system itself will tell you that your adverts are not running. But, some of them will get through and some will draw traffic for pennies at a time.

You can pay to boost and promote things on social media. The costs are usually just a few dollars for a few thousand viewers. It is true that very few of them will convert into sales, but if some of them do, then you can make your money back and maybe find a long-term customer.

You can set up a reference offer where people can earn in-store credit for referring others to you. Offer them unique codes and links they can use to get buyers. If they send paying customers to you, then they get their referral money. 

You can also hire a Shopify marketing company like Collective Fab Agency to help you. If you are running on a very low budget, then pick a lower-cost and more economical package. Get the attention you need, make a few sales, and then reinvest the profits into more advertising, more marketing., and turn those into sales. If you have a good product or service, and you have a few good selling points, then you could use Shopify promotional services to grow your business.