Shopify web design

Reasons Why Shopify Web Design is Still Relevant in 2022


Let’s take this subject from a pragmatic standpoint, if Shopify is really a rising star in the online world, then why would people need Shopify web design? If the platform is so great, then why are people asking developers to create web designs for them?

Shopify’s Success Has Created Micro Industries

When something is successful, there are often little micro industries that pop up because of it. For example, WordPress became burningly popular, so there are now companies that specialize in making plugins and WordPress themes. The same is true for Shopify. The platform is very successful, so micro industries have popped up to cater to what people need. 

The truth is that people need web designers to help them create their Shopify shops. Even though Shopify is pretty flexible, it is still a website design tool and online marketplace tool. It has its limitations. People can get past those limitations, they can move beyond them if they use website designers to help them. It is a little like buying a car, but you want customized bumpers that have the imprinted faces of TV characters, so you hire a manufacturer and an engineer to fit and install the bumpers. The same is true of a Shopify store owners, they are using outside expertise to help achieve what they want with their websites. 

Web Designers Will Always Beat Ready-to-Use Themes

The problem with themes is that they have to be pretty broad in their appeal otherwise it is not worth the effort of making them. This means that people who want very specific things will always have a hard time finding what they want. You can fix up themes with plugins, extensions, add-ons, and customization, but they are always a compromise.

When you use a web designer, you are getting exactly what you want. You can start with a theme and have them fix it and mold it into something you really want. Or, you can take the more efficient route and have a developer create a new theme and new website that falls in line with exactly what you need.

There is also the fact that many Shopify websites look very similar. There may be hundreds of themes to choose from, but most people pick the good ones, which is why many Shopify websites look pretty much the same. This is another reason why web designers will never go out of fashion on Shopify because people want something that reflects their company, their brand, their products, and their vision for their online store. That reason alone is enough to explain why web designers are still popular within the Shopify community.

How Do I Find A Good Web Designer?

You can find great developers all over the Internet, but if you are working with Shopify, then you need to find a company that has a lot of experience working within its infrastructure. That is why, if you are looking for top-quality Shopify web design, then get in touch with the team at Collective Fab Agency. You get a fair price, and you can have your website built to your exact specifications.