Shopify marketing

Why Isn’t My Shopify Marketing Getting Results?

There are probably lots of reasons why your Shopify marketing isn’t working, after all, there are thousands of different types of Shopify business and online shops, and each probably has its own reasons for succeeding or failing. However, the question of why a Shopify business is failing is reminiscent of a scene from the brilliant…

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shopify experts

Who Are Shopify Experts?

The truth is that the phrase, ‘Shopify Experts‘ is not a protected term. For example, ‘dietitian’ is a protected term whereas ‘nutritionist’ is not. This means that only qualified people can call themselves dietitians, but anybody can call themselves nutritionists. The phrase ‘Shopify Expert’ is similar to ‘nutritionist’ by the fact that anybody can call…

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Shopify Experts

Top Tips That the Shopify Experts Don’t Want You To Know

If Shopify experts are truly experts, wouldn’t they want you to know everything? Wouldn’t they want you to have all the information? Ironically, no they wouldn’t. If they told you everything about running a successful Shopify website, then you would be the expert and they wouldn’t make any money from being experts. What the experts…

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