Shopify Marketing

Simple Shopify Marketing Tips That Aren’t Too Expensive

There is this odd notion that social media marketing is free. If anybody ever tells you this, ask them how many direct sales they have made from social media these days. Anybody can get hundreds of likes on social media, it is easy, there are people with trending videos where all they do is take cellophane off new phones and off of boxes. Getting sales is often very expensive, but there are a few ways you can cut corners to perhaps make your Shopify Marketing a little more inexpensive.

Ask Your Friends and Colleges How They Are Doing It

Lots of people have their own eCommerce websites and many have Shopify websites. Ask them how they are making their sales, and also talk to social media influencers. Even if your friends only have a few thousand followers, ask them how they became an Instagram influencer, or ask your tik-toker friends how they did it. Many people are more than willing to divulge how they achieved their variety of success.

Go Offline With Your Marketing

It is true that people go online when they shop, but that doesn’t mean you need to limit your marketing to just that. Alcohol producers don’t limit their marketing to just the inside of clubs. You should go offline with your marketing. It is the one place where other Shopify marketers are not thinking of exploiting. 

Start Reciprocal Deals and Agreements With Other Shopify Stores

There are hundreds of ways of doing this. The trick is to find other stores that appeal to the same target audience as you, but who are not in direct competition. An easy example may be if you sell baby toys, and there is a different Shopify website that sells baby prams. You can set up deals where you offer discounts in tandem with them, but you can also set up deals where you give your customers leaflets for their store if they give their customers leaflets for your store.

Promote Yourself All The Time

Put up posters of your business and tell people about your Shopify store no matter where you go. Tell your friends and their friends, tell the person who walks your dog, and tell people you work with and former friendly coworkers as well.

Start With A Smaller-Budget Plan

When you approach a marketing company, you may feel compelled to pick one of their all-inclusive packages. In fact, some companies may make it appear as if a customized plan is the only thing on offer (a little like when you buy a Rolls Royce and they won’t tell you the price until you have picked all your car’s features). However, you can approach a company like Collective Fab Agency. You can opt for a smaller-budget project, or simply tell them your budget, give them your marketing goals, and see what they can offer. If you start with a smaller budget and try out a service, see if the Shopify Marketing performance draws in a few more sales, and if it does, then you will be able to spend a little more next time.