Shopify Web Design

How Good Shopify Web Design Improves Website SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become slightly easier over the last few years. In 2014, Google introduced the Hummingbird update, which meant that Google adapts and learns using AI and big data processing. It learns what each person wants, which is why two identical twins may use two different phones in the same house, and each receive different Google results for the same query. However, just because Google is learning doesn’t mean you can’t help it along by making your website more search engine friendly. A good Shopify web design can help make your website more search engine friendly.

Faster Loading Times

There used to be many rules that dictated how well your website ranked on the search engines, and though only a few of those rules linger today, the “Fast loading” rule is still tried and true. There are many things that can slow your website down, and it cannot all be fixed with caching plugins and lazy loading. A good, efficient and streamlined web design will always beat faster-website measures. Opt for prevention, not cure.

A Better User Experience

The user experience is a big part of what dictates how search engine friendly a website is. If your website is difficult to navigate, if it is poorly optimized, and if it scares people away, then it will rank lower and lower in the search engine results. A good website design can enable a better user experience, which will help the website’s SEO. Plus, don’t forget that a well-designed website is better for all concerned, and if your website looks and acts well, then people will recommend it to other people and your search engine standing will grow in tandem with your online reputation.

Well Ordered Code

Some programmers will copy and paste chunks of code because it is quick, easy, and it works. Sadly, this variety of Frankenstein programming is not good for SEO. Instead, you should opt for well ordered, neat, tidy and efficient coding for your website. It is easier and quicker for the search engines to read. 

Modernizing The Website

As time moves on, innovations occur and websites need to hurry to catch up. Newer programming codes and newer standards are often churned out a few times per year. Plus, bigger innovations like responsive websites were just the first of many innovations that webmasters need to stay on top of. Then there are things like the WebP images innovation, where they are encouraged to use WebP file types when uploading videos. Old fashioned websites that are behind the times are also less search engine friendly.

Have Your Website Designed By Experts

It stands to reason that a good designer will create a good design, and you need a good design if you want to enjoy all its SEO benefits. Hire a professional designer to create your Shopify web design. That way, not only do you get the search engine benefits, but you also walk away with a polished, secure and efficient website that will impress your clients, customers and followers. Get in touch with the team at Collective Fab Agency today to see how your website can be improved and made more search engine friendly.