Shopify marketing

Why Isn’t My Shopify Marketing Getting Results?

There are probably lots of reasons why your Shopify marketing isn’t working, after all, there are thousands of different types of Shopify business and online shops, and each probably has its own reasons for succeeding or failing. However, the question of why a Shopify business is failing is reminiscent of a scene from the brilliant movie “Lord of War” in which Nicholas Cage says, “The only problem with an honest buck is they’re so hard to make – the margins are too low, too many people are doin’ it.” In other words, Shopify is the fastest SaaS (Software as a Service) company to ever turn over one billion dollars, which speaks to just how popular the service is. With that in mind, it is no wonder you are having trouble marketing your Shopify business…there are just so many other people doing it.

What Makes You Different?

The term “Unique selling point” is bandied around without discretion these days, but you are working on a platform that makes it easy to sell just about anything. With that in mind, why should people come to you and not the other hundred people selling the same or similar stuff? Don’t forget that even if you are making your own stuff, how easy is it? Are people not buying because they could do it themselves too?

If you cannot make yourself different, then what is it about buying from you that makes you different? Do you do same-day packaging and posting, or can you get something to them in less than 12 hours? Do you deliver to areas or countries that others do not? Are you adding things to your products that others are not? Trying to sell on price is okay but remember that most people try to sell on price so you are probably setting yourself up for a fail.

Stop Promoting All Your Selling Points

A big mistake that many small businesses make is to try to push all their selling points when really, you need to pick a single selling point and stick to it until you are large enough to spend thousands on your marketing. Dominoes started out with quick deliveries, and Volvo started out by selling themselves on safety. When they made it big, then they started expanding their selling points, but to start with they only sold themselves on a single selling point.

Get Some Help With Your Shopify Business

It is possible that your Shopify marketing is the thing that is failing you, but you may need to examine the notion that your website, your branding, your product, and even your attitude is the thing scaring people away. There are many reasons why people don’t buy from you. Perhaps your website doesn’t inspire trust, or perhaps it undersells your products or services. If you are still struggling to get sales, consider hiring the team at Collective Fab Agency to take a look at your Shopify website and figure out what is scaring people away. A few tweaks of your website and you may notice a quick upturn in your sales and popularity.