Shopify Marketing

How to Beat Other Shopify Users With Your Shopify Marketing

The weird thing about this subject is that the Shopify blog actually tells you ten effective ways to market your blog products. Here is the link for those of you who haven’t read it (Shopify Blog). You may think that the obvious advice is that you should do different things to what their own blog post says, but the mind-blowing thing is that nobody follows their advice either. People seem to settle into a routine of failure and then try quick (and often expensive) things in a scattershot approach until finally giving up. This article tells you how to beat other Shopify competitors using your own style of Shopify Marketing, but honestly, you could do the standard marketing stuff and still come out ahead of 90% of your competitors.

Take it Offline

Why are you trying so hard to compete online? Why are you badgering people on social media and paying stupidly high fees for Google Ads when there is a whole world surrounding you? Right now, create a few small posters showing a few of your best products and add in a QR code and maybe your website address if it isn’t too long or complicated. Go out and put them up on lamp posts, on the barrier to dog parks, to the side of derelict buildings. Go out and do it now and you will get better value for your printing money than you ever would if you tried online advertising.

Sell on a Single Selling Point

People seem to have forgotten the principles of selling. They are all running around trying to create a need with restricted timelines and trying to create value by adding more stuff to their offers, when that is not what people want or care about. They care about a single selling point. The rest just makes it easier to justify the purchase. What is your major selling point? Do you offer safe cars like Volvo? Do you offer pizzas in 30 minutes like Dominos? Do you offer vacuuming where you don’t have to buy bags like Dyson? Find the strongest and most powerful selling point that you have, and if you don’t have one, then create one. 

If you are not the cheapest, fastest, toughest, most durable, or safest, then create your selling point. You can be the company that ships within 8 hours for next-day delivery. You can be the company with free shipping on all orders, or the company that will deliver to any country. Just stay away from the free gift method because people just assume you are either giving them junk or working the free gift into the price of the product. 

Hire a Marketing Agency

Do you know what they call the Shopify users who are hiring marketing agencies? “Successful.” You may think you are good at marketing, but there are people who do it for a living. There are people who have teams of experts at their disposal. Even on the most basic principles, a marketing company is better than you simply because they have had more practice. Not to mention that they are already aware of all the effective places to promote items and probably have contacts in those areas already. If you are looking for better Shopify Marketing, the sort of Shopify Marketing that beats out your competitors, then beat them with raw power. Beat them using the Collective Fab Agency.