Shopify Web Developer

How to Judge a Potential Shopify Web Developer

Figuring out if a Shopify Web Developer is any good is difficult because the only information you have is what they have given you, but you can learn a little about the company by what they say in response to your questions, and how they respond to your questions. As we all know, people who are trying too hard to quickly make a sale are not working as well as they could, but what else can you learn about the company by asking them questions?

Adapting Shopify Stores for Mobile Devices

Is the Shopify web designer or developer fully cognizant of all the problems relating to website interpretation by Smartphones. Find out how the company tests their final product and ask to see how they have made Shopify websites look good on desktops and on Smartphones, along with asking how good their apps look and function (if they make apps for Shopify users).

Extended Support and Maintenance

You should find out how much support you are going to get from the developer after the project is completed. For example, if you have the company create you a companion app for your Shopify store, are you going to need to return to them whenever you want to change the settings or permissions, and how will future updates be conducted? If your website has been constructed and your Shopify business is up and running, but a new Smartphone operating system update drops, who alters the website to ensure it still works on Smartphones?

Clear Communication

This is very important because you can tell by their communication how they run their business. If you ask to see what the mobile website and desktop website looks like, and they just drop you a single link and say, “Have a look yourself,” then it gives you a clue as to their mindset. If you ask how much they charge to create a companion app for your website, and they abruptly tell you they don’t do app development, then you can figure out what type of company they are. They could have advised you on what to do about your app, which people to contact, and how you can integrate app features into your mobile website, they didn’t have to simply tell you they cannot create apps.

Shopify APIs Knowledge

This is a tricky one to test because you probably don’t know that much about the Shopify API, or at least, not as much as a professional developer should. It may be worth having another Shopify expert on hand to help you judge if the developer knows their stuff. If you have learned about a few technical issues and can ask a few technical questions that you already know the answer to, then that helps when judging the development company.

In truth, getting to know if a company is professional is very tough without actually spending money and finding out for yourself. It is always best to approach with caution when you are searching for a Shopify Web Developer. If you are ever in need of a developer, one that is professional, that knows the Shopify API, offers clear communication and so forth, then get in touch with the Collective Fab Agency today.