Shopify Marketing

Tips for Difficult Shopify Marketing

Shopify businesses can be difficult to promote because there are so many of them. Shopify has become a massive platform that is somehow still beating the recession. There are a number of people running their own Shopify businesses which may be making Shopify marketing a bit more expensive. Here are a few tips that most people don’t pay enough attention to.

You Need To Work a Lot Harder

There are theories that you should be posting daily on social media. The obvious flaw with this methodology is that your content can diminish its quality because it will be rushed. Where this is true, it is still possible to post frequently (perhaps not daily) if you work really hard.

You need a long-term content plan. You need to work on it in sections, and when you make progress, you post your progress. For example, if you are promoting your hand puppet business, you could actually show images on Instagram of each stage of construction. Don’t do this as you create your puppets. Plan it out, work out your posting schedule in advance, create your content in advance, and then set it running to post every few days. This is hard work because it involves planning and lots of effort in pre-production, but this is how you promote your content on social media.

You Can Reuse Your Content

TikTok has taught us this lesson. Have you seen those models who post the same meme content with the same music, but they do it in different outfits? They follow the trends, but when there are no prevalent trends, they go back to making the same content they already did with little variations. You can do a very similar thing with your Shopify marketing.

What’s more, you can refer to the previous part of this article and actually plan to re-use your content. You are probably doing a similar thing already. For example, most Shopify websites use the same marketing content and online content (images, video, audio) during holiday seasons like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and so forth. Don’t do it by accident, do it by design. Plan for that.

Cross-Platform Media Saturation

Adapt as much of your marketing content to be posted on every platform you have. If you make a short YouTube video, then make a slightly longer and extended one for Rumble. Then, cut up the video from Rumble and use it on TikTok. Feature those on your website blog and embed those videos and links on the guest posts you write. Copy parts of your blog into Facebook and have a link so people can continue reading. Do a fairly similar thing with Getty, and you can start posting on Twitter again. 

You Can Get Help

Modern Shopify marketing can be difficult, and you probably don’t have the time, budget, or patience to slowly grow your online influence. Instead of going it alone, you should get help from a company like Collective Fab Agency. That way, you have somebody working on your marketing while you are doing other things. It allows you to expand your influence without breaking the bank. Plus, there are times when seasoned professionals can make a much bigger impact than you can when you go it alone.