Shopify Web Design

How to Make Shopify Web Design Easier?

Modern web design is not so difficult. Platforms like Shopify and WordPress have made it very easy to build your own website. Still, there are many ways to mess up your Shopify web design. Follow these tips to help ensure your website looks as professional as possible.

Keep Things Very Simple

There is this unreliable notion that people buy from websites because they are well made, because they are fancy, and because they are sophisticated. Yet, cryptocurrency is a billion-dollar industry and for the longest time, people have been buying from cobbled-together websites because they wanted the product. It is not about how sophisticated your website is. A professional website can be incredibly simple. Just look at how simple the Amazon website used to be. It was just some pages with a description, a picture of the book, and then a bunch of reviews. You need to simplify and then polish your website so that it functions perfectly.

Experiment With Themes/Templates

While your business is relatively small, you should really experiment with themes (templates) to find one that truly fits your purposes. As you use and work on your website over time, you will learn what you want and what you need. Do not allow an attachment to an old theme to hold you back from evolving your website.

Make Your Individuality Subtle

We all know that Shopify is massive and there are millions of users, so it is upon you to show your individuality. However, many people misinterpret this to a rather scary degree. They think that individuality means to be different, but it really doesn’t.

It simply means creating a design element where people recognize you over other people. Rumble and YouTube users are great at doing this by having a certain art style or several catchphrases. When you show off your individuality, aim to do it very subtly. 

Lead The Eye

Keeping it simple, you should be able to lead the eye. All you have to do is create a starting point. Most designers concentrate on a single spot on the top third of a page. They create a design point that first catches the user’s eye. They then design in a way that leads the eye from that spot. When people view your different pages, where does their eye first land? Consider this point and then learn how to lead the eye with your designs. Leading the eye helps you control the user experience, which means you can improve it in a more professional manner. Plus, if you keep your website simple, you will have an easier time leading the eye.

Make it Much Easier

You can make your Shopify web design far easier if you hand the project over to somebody else to complete. There are plenty of ways of getting it wrong, and quite often we cannot see our own mistakes. Sometimes, the easiest way to make your website better is to hand it over to a professional and let them improve the design. Contact the Collective Fab Agency and let one of their seasoned professionals walk you through the process. It is easier and far less costly than you realize.