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Shopify Marketing Mistakes Made By Some Marketers

The problem with most tips articles and most motivational content is that it only deals with the problems people experience at the start of their journey. For every 100 articles on the top mistakes that beginners make, there is only one for mistakes that experienced people make. That is why this article offers Shopify marketing mistakes that experienced marketers have made.

Mistaking Engagement For Success

So, here is the trick. Marketing companies offer you results. Ideally, they want to improve your sales. However, getting sales is difficult, and it is difficult to show that the new sales were based on a certain marketing campaign. To overcome these difficulties, a marketing company will demonstrate its abilities by showing off how many followers and likes its social media posts have gained. 

Good marketing companies know that social media likes and followers are only half the job. They know that it is mostly sales (conversions) that matter. However, a mistake is believing that social media success is the same as real success or that it will translate into sales soon enough. This may cause the focus to be on social media followers and likes, a bit more than the goal of getting conversions. Over the long term, the company suffers because it is not getting what it truly needs. 

Reacting To Bots

There are plenty of bots on the Internet and social media. They are used for everything. Modern marketing companies are supposed to know how to separate the real from the fake. They are supposed to know which reactions are real and which are part of a larger narrative, which are paid for, and which are just plain wrong.

Yet, even some experienced marketing companies might react at times to attacks and to negative online movements. They react by changing their positions, they alter their campaigns, and they plan on the back of what they think is a success. It is always and only about the number of sales/conversions, their weight, and their impact. Even if the relevant data points one way, the only goal is “Money-In”.

Misunderstanding The Core Audience

This one is as old as time. Getting it wrong on this level happens in every industry. From the watchmaker who assumed their millionaire clients used nannies for their kids, to the steelworker’s union rep who thought all the workers hated people who drive BMWs and Lexus cars. 

Even experienced marketers make mistakes. However, if you are looking for Shopify marketing from a professional agency that succeeds far more than it fails, then contact us, the Collective Fab Agency, and set in motion a plan to further your business through clever Shopify marketing.