Shopify Web Design

What Defines Bad Shopify Web Design?

We read plenty of articles about what makes good web design, but what about bad design? How do we define what bad Shopify web design looks like? Here are a few thoughts on what makes a bad website design. 

The Addition of Pop-Ups

Everything positive you have ever heard or read about pop-ups is bought and paid for by the companies creating the pop-up software. It is now definitively proven that pop-ups scare away more people than they attract or convert. They should be kept to a minimum or removed from websites completely. 

Unclear Website Hierarchy

Look at how Amazon arranges its website structure. It is blisteringly simple, and that simplicity is part of its success. These days, keeping your website navigation simple and arranging your website’s structure in a simple way are all part of creating a good website. Making your website structure unclear is of no benefit to anybody.

Adding Pictures For the Sake of It

There was a time when adding images as part of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These days, images should only be added if they serve a purpose. When you use WordPress, there is even a function where you can label an image as decorative. That way, Google doesn’t rank your website down for having unnecessary images.

Poorly Executed Dynamic Design

When you run a YouTube channel and people visit your home page, you can determine what new visitors see and what subscribed visitors see. This is the most basic type of dynamic design, but there might be some web designers out there who can’t do this right. They make mistakes that range from missing content to poor loading times.

Poor Brand Messaging

A good designer needs to understand your brand principles and then show, demonstrate, express, and re-enforce them. Bad designers think it is just about brand logos and colors. Designers can really make a mess simply by how they apply the brand to a website. Can you imagine a website for Rolex watches having the same type of brand logo as an Adidas website?

Not Following The Competition

In terms of content, there is merit in creating your own stuff and not following the crowd. However, when it comes to design and website function, following your competition is sometimes a good idea. For example, almost all essay writing services have an instant quotation tool on their website so that students can get a quick quote for their project. The essay writing websites that don’t offer an instant quote, the ones that ask you to send your details so they can create a custom quote, those are the companies that were left behind. 

The Easy Answer

There is only so much that can be explained without giving direct examples, so the easy answer is: a bad design is one that doesn’t fit the needs and requirements of the host business. Each business is different, and so needs its own custom website. It is up to the webmaster to decide who to hire to create the website, and it is up to the webmaster to figure out if the final product is of good or bad quality. If you are looking for Shopify web design from a reputable and very well-trusted company, then get in touch with us, here, at the Collective Fab Agency for good service and fair prices.