Shopify Marketing

Cheap Shopify Marketing Methods to Try

So, you have your Shopify business all set up, and now you are wondering how you are going to compete with the hundreds of thousands of other Shopify business owners. Well, as a small business, you should prioritize cheaper Shopify marketing methods, so here are a few to get you started.

Use Google Ads 

If you are serious about your online business, then you should start getting to grips with online advertising companies, and the Google Ads system is pretty simple to get into. It is not easy, but it’s simple when compared to other marketing systems. Start with a very basic advert, text only, and only offer very low bid prices like 20 cents per key phrase or something similar. Set a daily budget of something small like $5.00 and learn while you advertise.

Put Your Stuff on eBay and Other Online Classifieds

Use this type of cross-promoting to get people to your website. Better still, sell your product on eBay, and get to know the people who buy from you. Ask them if they would like to visit your website or sign up for offers through email. Try to get a few long-term customers by starting out with eBay and then moving them over to become fans of your Shopify website business.

Write For Other People’s Websites

You are an expert in your products, so why not share that knowledge on both your own blog and on other people’s? Writing guest posts for other people may seem like a waste of your time (you are adding to somebody else’s website after all), but the trickle of traffic you get from these links will add up over the long term. Also, you should follow the people on social media who talk about your types of products, or who at least seem interested in your sorts of products. Perhaps they will do a shout-out and put your shop website link in their description if you pay them a small fee.

Target Your Current Customers

Set up referral programs so that the people who do buy are more likely to share the good word and help you get more customers. Give people some real rewards, including cash rewards, if they get you some new customers. There are several ways to do this, from having people quote discount codes when they buy (and giving unique codes to different referrers) and more sophisticated methods like giving your referrers a unique link that other people can click. 

Hire a Marketing Agency

When people think about hiring a marketing agency to do their Shopify marketing, they think of the classic TV shows where marketing was a high-powered suit-wearing corporate machine. Yet, these days, you can buy as much marketing as you need. It is not about paying massive fees for a big campaign, it is about determining what you want and then buying as much as you can afford. It is closer to buying fuel for powering your marketing than it is buying the machine. Get in touch with the Collective Fab Agency, discuss your needs and your marketing goals, and then agree on a plan that suits your budget. It is as easy as that.