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What Do Shopify Experts Think Are The Biggest New User Mistakes?


As with all things, when you are new, you make mistakes. These are often the sorts of mistakes that we learn by, but the truth is that learning from success is far more valuable than learning from mistakes. If anything, you should learn from the mistakes of others, which is why this article features some of the biggest mistakes that Shopify experts see new users making.

Expecting Success

This may seem a little harsh. After all, nobody should be a pessimist when starting a Shopify store, but perhaps one of the biggest mistakes is “Expecting” success. Most businesses in the real world have to go through a lot of failure and loss before they finally make it through. Many people expect failure and then quit when things start going very wrong. If you plan for loss and failure, then you are less likely to get frustrated and quit. 

Quitting Too Early

Most businesses fail, and the number of Shopify businesses that fail is exceptionally higher than the norm. This is not because of problems with the Shopify platform, it is because Shopify attracts a lot of the get-rich-quick crowd, who quickly lose interest when they don’t turn a good profit. However, quitting too early should also be avoided. It takes a long time for a business to become profitable, and too many people quit just before the finish line. 

Getting into Debt

The worst thing you can do for your Shopify store is to get into debt. If you are getting into debt, especially early in the process, then you are at a massive disadvantage. If something is not working, then pouring money into it will not help. Getting into debt later down the line can be just as damaging as some people try to prop up a failing business. If you are having to get into debt, then quit while you are ahead. The only time when debt is acceptable is when it is for an absolutely unexpected expense, such as if your printer breaks and you need to buy a new one quickly because you have postage that needs printing. 

Going Too Big

There is a sad situation that exists on Shopify and Etsy. People start making money, and they start making good profits, so they try to scale up their business and then fail miserably. Even if you are running a profitable Shopify store, the fact is that some businesses cannot be scaled up. Some cannot be turned into bigger and more profitable businesses. The small amount of profit you are making may be all that your business is able to achieve.

Getting Help From Experts

The mistakes listed in this article are pretty common but notice that they are all human mistakes. They are the sorts of mistakes that people outside of Shopify are also making on a regular basis. If you are looking to turn your Shopify business into something a little more successful, or perhaps you want to scale things up a little, then get in touch with the Shopify experts at the Collective Fab Agency. You will find targeted and specific expert advice that will help you overcome some of the obstacles and problems you are facing with your Shopify store.