Collective Fab Agency

How The Collective Fab Agency Helped Shopify to Evolve


As you know, the team at the Collective Fab Agency offers web solutions, design solutions, and eCommerce solutions, but their biggest claim to fame is through their work with Shopify. Since Shopify took off, there have been quite a lot of developers and designers who have jumped on board and started specializing in Shopify. The Fab Agency started offering services for Shopify users, and their work has affected the entire Shopify industry.

The Evolution of Shopify Themes

If you were there for the early days, then you will know there were two types of Shopify themes. There were those that were pretty basic and boring and those that were trying so hard to be different and unique that they were a big mess.

Then, along came the Fab Agency, and created a series of Shopify themes that were less broad and were more fit for purpose. People asked for specific functions, and the agency incorporated said functions into the themes in a way that was both pragmatic and visually pleasing. After a while, the way that themes were created seemed to shift in a very big way. Both commercial theme creators and third-party designers started copying the function-first methods used by the Collective Agency. 

Nowadays, Shopify themes come in all shapes and sizes, but this diversity of themes, forms, and functions was set off (as a trend for the most part) by the skilled designers at the Collective Fab Agency.

Unlimited By The Shopify System

Even though Shopify is pretty good, it still has limitations. It is difficult to explain how these limitations affect people until you are one of the people being affected, so here is a simple example. 

Let’s say that you create your Shopify website and you are happy, but you discover there is no way to add a comments section to your website. You go online and look for ways to add one, but they won’t allow you to add one. You look for plugins or some sort of add-on, but they are hosted by third parties that are not afraid of harvesting the email addresses that are plugged into it. What do you do? In this case, you would go to the Collective Fab Agency and ask them to put a comments section into your website.

This is just an example to show you how Shopify has its limits. There are going to be times when you hit upon a problem that you can’t solve using the Shopify tools. In many cases there is a plug-in / add-on / third-party solution, but they often want a subscription fee. If you hit upon problems like these, simply approach the Collective Agency and have them fix the problem for you. It’s easier in that way.

Do You Need Help From The Experts?

If you are having trouble getting your Shopify website to function the way you want it to, or perhaps its look isn’t working out the way you hoped, then get in touch with the Collective Fab Agency. Have a team of seasoned professionals take a fresh look at your Shopify problems and allow them to come up with some elegant solutions. You will not be disappointed.