Shopify App Developer

Will a Shopify App Developer Improve My Website Sales?

Though it isn’t an apt metaphor, asking if a Shopify app developer will improve your website sales is like asking if a car mechanic improving your car will make you a better driver. It can certainly make driving easier and maybe even faster and more efficient, but there is no guarantee it will make you a better driver. It may make driving a little less difficult, and perhaps that is the best reason why you should consider hiring an app developer if you want to improve your Shopify sales performance.

Don’t Try to Rescue a Failing Business

Having an app developed is not going to save your Shopify business. If you are struggling, then you shouldn’t be spending money on apps. They are not going to help you make more money, they are simply another way for people to engage with your company. If they are not taking the time to engage with your website, why would they download and use your app?

Do You Need an App?

There are several types of businesses that don’t need any sort of app. For example, if you sell lawn mowers, then why would somebody need an app for a service they are only going to use every fifteen years. On the other hand, if you are selling water filter devices and you offer app deals for monthly refills, then an app may be helpful but not essential. On the other hand, if your website converts currency and people want to know the currency rates on a daily basis, then an app is probably a good idea. 

Will an App Make Sales Easier?

The weird thing is that if your website is making sales so difficult, shouldn’t you fix your website rather than getting an app? Yet, there are several ways that an app may help bolster your website sales. For example, perhaps your app scans QR codes on events, and you can log those events on your app and offer people discounted tickets. Perhaps your app acts as a wish list that allows people to receive notifications when certain products go on sale.

Your innovative use of an app should coincide with making sales easier on your website. If you are just porting functions over from your website to your app, you have to ask yourself why people would bother downloading your app when they could just visit your website. If you are using an app to get around affiliate marketing click payments, then it is very tricky. On a similar note, you will need some sort of integrated VPN if you want your website to avoid the sort of geofencing restrictions that your website can’t avoid.

Finding a Good Developer

Shopify has plenty of areas where you may need a developer. From tweaking the shopping cart experience to building your own stand-alone app that integrates your Shopify features. There are plenty of areas where a developer can help you, but it is important that you find a good developer. Ergo, if you are looking for a top-notch Shopify app developer, then get in touch with the Collective Fab Agency today and start discussing your future needs and your plans for a better and more effective Shopify experience.