Collective Fab Agency

How the Collective Fab Agency Helped My Business

The Collective Fab Agency is a company of PR experts that have teams of people who specialized in everything from online marketing to Shopify app development. Here are just a few ways that the company has helped fledgling businesses over the years.

Correcting SEO Mistakes on Websites

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the act of getting your website noticed by the search engines. Getting yourself onto the search engines means people can find you both on Google, but also on web spiders, directory websites and apps. Many times, people are blissfully unaware of the mistakes they are making with their websites. For example, run over to the Google Developer tools right now and check out their page speed test tool. You will see a long list of the technical things you are doing wrong right now, from having too many extensions/plugins on your website, to not using WebP images on your website. 

Improving Web Design

It isn’t just about looking pretty. The website has to be functional, it has to be as efficient as possible, it needs to load quickly, and render quickly, it needs to be secure, and it needs to be fit for purpose. If it uses plugins, then their negatives (like slow loading times) need to outweigh their positives. Web design needs to take navigation very seriously, making sure there are multiple ways for people to get from where they are to where they want to be. Also, when a website is designed, it needs to be built with the content in mind. There are too many websites that look good as stand-alone designs but look awful when they have content on them. 

Helping to Market Different Businesses

Getting marketing right is difficult, and too many companies use a blanket marketing method to push different companies when a more precise and customized approach is required. A good marketing company will examine the marketplace and determine where a company fits into it. They will help carve out a niche area for the business so that people who actually want their products and services have a place to find them. The key is to build a long-lasting campaign that grows over time.

Better Website Development

Many companies talk about creating new websites and building businesses, but few concentrate on how a business needs to adapt and grow over time. Few concentrate on slowly developing a website over time to help it grow and do its job better. If you are smart, you will grow and add to your website over time. Don’t try to start out with a big and sophisticated website, start out small, and then keep building on what works and what doesn’t until your website matures on its own. Getting help with this type of development isn’t easy, but if you find a company that is willing to help, you can achieve a lot of success as your business grows and evolves over time.

Get Help From The Professionals

if you are struggling with your website, your marketing, your online reputation, your website designs, or with your Shopify website, then the Collective Fab Agency has a team on standby and ready to help you. It is easy, fair priced, and will help push your project forwards.