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What Do Shopify Experts Say About Social Media Marketing?

Every social media page has its own rules and ways in which its own system works. Even though there are heart reactions for almost all of them now, Facebook is not the same as Twitter, in demographic terms, the average amount of hours spent scrolling, ads, and so on. Brand pages as much as individual profiles are different even if belonging to the same source, on each social media page. So, where to direct our attention span nowadays?

Facebook is For Younger People

One hesitates to say kids, but in reality, it is mostly dominated by children. Even if the official figures claim that most people are in their teens and twenties, you can see by the sheer quality of the content that it is mostly kids. 

Does this mean you should be promoting your kids’ stuff there? Actually, yes it does, but you need to make it adult friendly because they are going to show it to their parents. Targeting the kids’ interests will pay off but only if you can get the parents on board since they are the ones making the final financial decision about it.

Instagram is For Visual Products

There is a reason why insurance sellers and website hosting services are not making a big impact on Instagram. Even though reels are working, Instagram was born as a photo and video-sharing social media platform. Everybody`s photo albums. Holidays, new haircut, new house, new car, new pair of trainers. Those who can sell through images and pictures and photos are best suited for Instagram. This is the feature that has got to be explored and seized here.

TikTok for Adults

Built mostly for adults with possibly the highest proportion of men when compared to other social media platforms, here is where you sell your more adult products. From oak furniture to rocket-powered bikes, here is where you show off and demonstrate your best products that adults would be interested in.

YouTube For Your Video Adverts

Forget trying to build a YouTube following. There are some excellent game developers who just have 14yr old kids who review their games as followers. Instead, think of YouTube as a place to put all your adverts. Be your adverts, the ones you put on affiliate websites, or those you put on your website, just give your customers a place where they can re-watch your videos. Feel free to create longer and more detailed videos on YouTube, and then cut them up and edit them down for showing on other websites and in other places. 

Rumble is For Adults

A little like TikTok, you can find a fair amount of adults on Rumble. There are certainly more adults than children, and again, you can use it like YouTube and store your video adverts here for your customers to take a look at. However, try to add in a few demonstration videos too. Add tutorial videos, and feel free to review your own stuff. Try comparing your products to those of your competitors too.

Do You Need Help From Experts?

You are going to have a hard time breaking into the social media world with your marketing content. Remember that other people are doing it just for fun, and they don’t have the added burden of also trying to make a sale. Sometimes, if you are having trouble getting started, you should contact Shopify experts like Collective Fab Agency. They can get your project started so that you may find new ways to drive traffic, make sales and promote using social media.