Shopify SEO

Did Shopify SEO Just Become Easier?

Yes, Shopify SEO did just become easier since there are now companies like the Collective Fab Agency which are able to cut through some of the challenges that revolve around SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to deliver sound, reliable and dependable SEO to any Shopify website in the nation. 

The key to success doesn’t lie in the predictability of Shopify websites, or the over-saturation of Shopify websites on the Internet. The key to success lies in the fact that Google has carved out its own niche for Shopify websites. Google has laid the tracks for Shopify websites to drive traffic to their websites, and services like the Collective Fab Agency, have found a way to ride those tracks to success.

Wouldn’t Bigger Businesses Exploit The Shopify System?

Here is what happened. Google saw that websites like Shopify and eCommerce websites were becoming more and more common. So, they created a niche area on their results for just Shopify websites. It allowed Shopify websites to compete against each other and with websites like Etsy and eBay, without interfering with the likes of Amazon, Argos, Walmart, Curry’s, etc. 

In situations like this, bigger companies often jump in to exploit the new SEO grounds. After all, just look at what big businesses did when it turned out that Blogs were search engine friendly. Now every big business has its own blogging network. However, in this case, bigger businesses have no incentive to jump on the Shopify train. Why invest in opening a Shopify shop when they already have their own?

Has Google Done This Before?

Yes, they have. They did it with video content. It is possible to rank page number one for your video on Google videos, but rank number 50,000 on the regular search engine results for the same content. 

Think of the new SEO rules for Shopify as being similar to those for people using Google Shopping. It is now possible to optimize your Shopify website so that you rank higher on the search engine results “Because” you are a Shopify website.

You Can Run a Test if You Wish

It is possible to run the same tests that the Collective Fab Agency has run. You set up a regular eCommerce website, and you set up a Shopify eCommerce website. Put the same items on the websites, give them similar branding, and so forth. They are pretty similar, except that one is a Shopify website and one is a regular eCommerce website

Take note of how Google deals with them differently. You can apply the same SEO rules to each, but they will rank differently because they are competing with different websites. 

Get in touch with Collective Fab Agency today and have their team run your Shopify SEO. Let them optimize your website so that you are competing with other Shopify websites and not competing with the likes of Amazon. Sure, your website may not reach international markets, and you may never grow as large as Amazon, but at least your Shopify website will have a fighting chance against all the other Shopify websites out there.