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Web Design Mistakes That The Collectivefab Agency Says Will Ruin Your Website

The Collective-fab Agency consists of a team of experts and consultants who have worked in the web design and website development industry for years. Over time, they have learned what works and what doesn’t in the real world. The sad fact is that many ideas that seem like they should work actually do not work at all. Here are a few web design mistakes that the Collective-fab Agency says will damage your chances for success in the future.

Adding Pop-Ups To Your Website

Go online right now, and you will find study after study, video and article about how pop-ups add value to a website. How they build your email list, how they retain customers, how they stop people from leaving your website. All of these sources of information are lying to you. They are all based on and promoted by studies that either don’t exist, or that were conducted by the pop-up companies themselves. 

Do not add pop-ups to your website unless you want to scare people away, annoy people, and ensure people avoid your website in the future. Even the intrusive cookie-permission pop-ups that get in the way of the screen are enough to drive thousands of potential viewers away from your website.

Going Dynamic Without The Infrastructure

People are sold on the idea that creating a dynamic website that works is easy, but it really isn’t. People are told they can create simple designs, such as a design that shows social proof if somebody is logged into the Facebook/meta prior to visiting. Yet, it almost always slows the website’s loading and rendering down, and all for no real benefit. You need a very sophisticated framework and a strong user base to test your dynamic website on before you even consider it. Going dynamic too early is like adding a fifth wheel to a car in the name of driving safety.

Going Too Complex

Look at the world’s longest running and most successful websites. Look at Wikipedia, Amazon and Google. Their websites are intensely simple. The way these websites are built means they can be scaled up very easily and without the addition of more complexity. If you removed 5000 pages from any of the most popular websites, most of them would look, act and work almost exactly the same as they used to. Complex and sophisticated websites are sometimes required, but complexity usually comes later as the website evolves. Complexity is rarely something that benefits a new website.

Adding Too Much Decoration

WordPress now has a feature where you can designate if an image is just for decoration. This is because too many images, especially unnecessary images, may be misinterpreted by the search engines and they may rank you down. There are times when lots of decoration, fancy fonts, bold colors and so forth are necessary. However, as a rule, an over decorated website is no different to an over decorated store. It “may” work, but probably won’t. Honestly, if you are looking for a better website design, then the team at Collectivefab Agency has the collected knowledge of over fifteen web design companies. Find out more and get in touch with the Collective Fab Agency today.