Shopify app developer

What Does a Shopify App Developer Do and Why?

Shopify has a “Dev” section on its website. It was built for the developer who wants to create an app. That begs the question, why should Shopify promote the idea of people creating apps? Wouldn’t Shopify want to control its own apps and the app market in general? On the contrary, the people behind Shopify are smart enough to know that a single universal app won’t solve all their merchant’s problems. Solving the problems that merchants have is the biggest reason why people seek out a Shopify app developer.

Fixing Which Problems?

Are you looking to sell different colored knitted scarfs? If so, then the regular Shopify website will serve you fine, and any regular Shopify app will serve you fine too. However, what if you wish to allow people to pick their own size of scarf, its materials, its colors, and its styles? Better still, what if you wanted people to see their product and its design before it was created? All of this could be done with a Shopify app developer.

What Are Complex Merchant Problems?

A complex problem can happen during the buying, on the online store, checkout or browsing section. A merchant may even need help with the after-sales process. A complex problem is something that can’t be solved with software that is already available to the public. In many cases, the complex problem has to use several programs that have been knitted together. A complex problem may include something such as being able to take cryptocurrency as payment. A complex problem may include the building of a very specific and new product based on user input.

Are Shopify Apps Available to Buy?

If you are a Shopify developer, then you probably work on custom jobs for the people who approach you for help. Perhaps somebody has a problem with their dynamic landing page on their app and they want a developer to fix the problem. However, there are also people who create apps and themes so that they may sell them at stores. It can be tricky figuring out what type of app and/or theme to create. Most developers try to find a problem that many people have, and then fix it with their app or theme.

Where Do Shopify Developers Start?

There are four categories. There are themes, storefronts, marketplaces, and then the generic term “Apps.” The generic term is there because sometimes there are Shopify apps that are so original and new that there is no real word for them. For example, there was a store that sold holographic designs that are displayed on spinning fans in a glass case. Another “App” was created to help people identify and then custom print plastic parts of white goods (washers, driers, dishwashers, etc.). The plastic parts were then 3D printed by the Shopify eCommerce website owner and sent to the customer. There are plenty of reasons why you may need a Shopify app developer. If you want an app built just for your Shopify website, then get in touch with Collective Fab Agency. Let them know what you want and come up with a plan to build your app.