Shopify SEO

Ways That Your Shopify SEO is Failing Your Business

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is commonly misunderstood. Back in the old days, it was about adding keywords, links, writing press releases and so forth. These days, SEO is all about how users interact with your website. If people favor your website over others, then it ranks up the search engine results. Since people still misunderstand SEO, people who apply the rules of Shopify SEO to their business are harming their potential for success. Here is a little advice that will help you maintain long-term success with your Shopify business.

Remember the Three-Click Rule

The three-click rule says that somebody should be able to find what they want on your website with three clicks. This rule has been mostly thrown out by online website gurus, but they are woefully mistaken. Though the three-click rule doesn’t affect SEO directly, the thought behind its idea is vital to your success. You need to give people the most efficient and smooth online experience that you can. This means removing pop-ups, it means giving people what they want as soon as possible, even if that means you miss a few chances to promote to them.

Remove Unneeded Images

The overuse of images is especially prevalent with Shopify businesses. Having many images of your products is fine, so long as the images inform the user viewer of something. People don’t need a front and back image of a scarf. They don’t need an image or video of your production process for every product. You do not need to add a decorative flourish to every web page. Your images should provide information and nothing more. Do not add lots of cosmetic items, don’t offer images of technical details, do not offer branding or mascot images unless they are a primary part of the selling process.

Stop Trying to Upsell

You have probably read lots of articles and seen lots of videos about how you should be upselling and cross-selling, but this isn’t something you should be doing. Upselling and cross-selling is for companies who have already sold their product. They are for companies where the viewer visits the page with the intention of buying. If your viewer visits your page and “then” decides to buy, then cross-selling and up-selling will damage your chances of a sale and will damage your SEO. 

Anything you do that causes the user to go back to Google and search out the products you sell (from other people) will negatively affect your SEO. Unless people have already decided to buy from you when they reach your website, then your only priority is to make a sale as efficiently as possible.

Don’t Use a Poor Quality Web Designer

Think of it this way, you design an amazing new car engine that is more efficient than any other engine in creation. However, the designers of the car decide that triangles are the new car shape, and all your cars look like pyramids on the road. Even with your amazing engine, nobody is going to want your car.

If you have the very best Shopify SEO, but your website is poorly designed, then nobody is going to want to buy from you. Before considering your SEO, contact Collective Fab Agency and have your website produced and developed by experts.