Collective Fab Agency

The Innovative Ways The Collective Fab Agency Remains Recession-proof

A recession-proof business is one that can continue to grow and make steady profits even during a recession or depression. So far, the long-established Collective Fab Agency  has proven it can make profits and even grow during very turbulent economic times, and the question is…how? It turns out the answer is pretty layered, but here is a quick overview of some of the primary factors that make this business recession-proof.

Allocating The Correct Work For The Correct Budget

Imagine you run a car washing business, and during June you find that most people cannot afford a full wash, dry, wax and detailing. So, you turn them away and wait for wealthier customers. That is not how the Collective Fab Agency works.

If you turn up with a small budget, they will just wash and dry your car. If you turn up with a smaller budget, they will just wash your car. Even if you turn up with almost no money, they will advise you on how to wash your own car.

The old saying “No job is too small” isn’t quite apt for the Collective Fab Agency. Instead, their paradigm is to fit their service to your budget. If you enter a period where you cannot afford every service, the Collective Fab Agency will not turn you away.

Acting Intelligently Against Common Sense

Many medium sized and small sized businesses have the sort of mentality that seems intuitive at the time but is actually backwards. Most of them think that it is common sense to change the business if it is failing and to work hard when the business slows down. On the surface, this seems like a good idea. After all, if profits are slowing down, you should probably work harder. If the business is starting to struggle, then changes seem like a good idea. 

Sadly, for many businesses, this is the wrong approach. Changing and working harder during tough times is okay for smaller and newer businesses that are still finding their way. But, established businesses should work the opposite way. 

The Collective Fab Agency goes against the “Common sense” approach. When they are planning a business change, they wait until the business is doing very well so they have a bigger margin for error, alterations, maturity and evolution.

Instead of working harder during slow periods, the people at Collective Fab Agency take their vacations. They remodel, they take training courses, they do all the things they are too busy to do during the rest of the year. 

Working Very Hard

Those who work hard will always beat those who don’t work as hard. This may not seem true, but that is because the ones you see in the media and the ones you hear about are the exceptions that prove the rule. Working hard is always a winning formula, especially if you can compound your efforts over time to build a tidal wave of success. The Collective Fab Agency knows this, which is why they are recession-proof. If you are looking for a good product from a team of hard working design and development experts, then get in touch with Collective Fab Agency today.