Shopify web developer

What You Should Tell Your Shopify Web Developer

Let’s assume you are looking for a Shopify web developer and you want to get the best possible value for the money you spend. You should be planning your website as much as possible so that you know what you want when you enter the negotiation. Also, there are a few things you should discuss with your developer when you start talking about building or growing a website. Here are a few things you should probably talk about with your developer.

I Don’t Want To Pay For Revisions

Part of the process involves you going into the negotiation with a clear view on what you want from the developer. However, they too have a duty to get as much information out of you as possible. They are the professionals and they should know what is required so that problems are avoided. Revisions are probably going to be required, and the design company shouldn’t be charging for them unless there are completely random changes that you suddenly want with no warning. Don’t forget that those who charge for revisions are incentivizing mistakes. They get paid twice. The first time for getting it wrong and the second time for fixing it.

How Do I Update My Website?

Ideally, you shouldn’t have to hire your own web developer in order to use your website. This is not always the case. Sometimes, you need a developer if you are running a website with social or even dynamic elements. You may need a developer if your website deals with a lot of security-related stuff. Otherwise, you should be able to add to your website and update it where needed.

I Want it Done By This Deadline

Even if your deadline is flexible, you should still give them a deadline. You need to find out how your deadline affects the price. You should also be wary of those who promise a website very quickly. If they are, then they are probably using a bunch of customized templates and are probably giving your website very little thought. 

Do You Create Shopify Apps Too?

This is not always necessary, but if you are planning on making an app in the future, then you should at least inquire. Do take the time to figure out if you actually need an app. Quite a few Shopify businesses do not need any sort of app.

How Do You Guarantee Security?

Every website can be hacked in one way or another. The job of the developer is to make the hacking process as difficult and inconvenient as possible. You need to ask the web designer or developer how good their security is. Find out what they are doing to make it difficult for people to hack your Shopify website.

Are You As Good As The Collective Fab Agency?

You need to set standards when you hire your web designers and developers. Ask your Shopify web developer if they are as good as the Collective Fab Agency. Measure your designers by the best. If you cannot find a company that is as good as the Collective Fab Agency, then simply hire the Collective Fab Agency to complete your project.