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Amazing Branding Advice From The Collective Fab Agency

The Collective Fab Agency has years of experience in the marketing and branding business, and where some people may find that unimpressive, you have to remember that the marketing business is a challenging industry. The companies that underperform are the ones that go out of business (quickly). The fact that the Collective Fab Agency has been around for years is a testament to their solid foundation in marketing quality and endurance. If you were ever going to take some advice on marketing, then you should take it from them.

Push One Brand Principle 

Some marketers have this overwhelming urge to pile selling point on top of selling point under the belief that people will be bowled over by how good something is, but this is just not the way the world works. It may work on shopping channels when they add more dish cleaner to the amazing value box of cleaning goodies, but in real life people are only drawn by a single principle by brand. Safe car (Volvo), fast car (Ferrari), luxury car (Rolls Royce), rugged car (Land Rover), etc. Try to push more than one brand principle, and it dilutes your message.

Assume Nobody Has Done Any Research on Your Competitors

Reactive marketing is probably the worst type of marketing. People may have Google at the tip of their fingertips, but the chances are that yours isn’t the first website they have looked at, and so it won’t care how much you beat your competitors by, or if your competitors have lower prices. Your competitors may offer better products and services than you, but don’t assume your target audience is aware of this fact.

Price For Every Budget But Push Your Core Target Audience Price

Even McDonalds have their saver menu and their luxury items. But, for the most part, they offer mid-ranged prices for low-to-medium-low income families. The bulk of their prices are made for that demographic. Do the same when you are promoting your brand. Push your brand with prices that suit your target demographic (even if you have several other pricing tiers).

Start Every Promotion Small

Going all out with total media saturation is only a tactic that massive corporations can achieve with any degree of success. In most cases, it is just a faster way to flush your marketing budget down the toilet. Start every promotion small, especially brand-growing promotions because the unsuccessful ones will become costly very quickly.

Get Help From Seasoned Professionals

People don’t become great drivers on their own. They have lessons, they learn, they pass their test, and then over time (and on their own) they learn to become good drivers. Branding and marketing is just the same, have seasoned professionals like Collective Fab Agency help you build a strong marketing foundation. Then, as you grow more skilled and become better at drawing the right type of attention, then you go it alone and scale things up a little. Get in touch with Collective Fab Agency today and see how the team may help your business grow its branding efforts, effectiveness and exposure.