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Can a Shopify Web Developer Make a Website More Secure?

There is always a buzz about website security. Russia and China have warehouses full of machines that they are using to brute force their way into Western computer systems. The problem with systems like Shopify is that as soon as an exploit is created, it applies to all Shopify websites. However, if you hire a Shopify Web Developer, you can configure your website differently so that even exploits are not as easy to…exploit! In short, a developer can make your Shopify website more secure.

The Quality of the Developer is What Matters

Some developers are brilliant at marketing, others are great at cross-platform design, plugin integration, at template optimization, and some are amazing at security. The key to good security is that it makes the website more secure without affecting things like loading screens, app integrations, and search engine ranking.

The Webmaster Holds Some Responsibility

Though there are plenty of ways that hackers and malware can break into your website or your hosting service, there are just as many ways they can trick webmasters into letting them onto their websites. They come in the form of emails, fake login screens, and phony customer support interactions. Some hackers put spyware and keystroke trackers onto computers and/or web browsers and apps.

In these cases, they are not going after your website specifically, but they gain access when they discover you logging in. There is not much a developer can do about these sorts of things. To put it another way, your car manufacturer can add locks, alarms, and disabling devices, but they are useless if you leave the keys hanging out of the door.

Fixing or Removing Plugins

Another way that hackers can gain access to your Shopify website is through the extensions, plugins, and add-ons that you use. In these cases, they don’t even need to hack your website, they simply gain control through your add-ons. A good developer may be able to spot security weaknesses in your website’s add-ons and may either remove them or make it more difficult for the add-ons to gain access to your website.

Do not trust an add-on piece of software just because it is popular or is marked as safe. It may have been safe yesterday, but the developer may have sold it to a hacking group yesterday, or the plugin may have been hacked an hour ago. Security testing your add-ons is never a bad idea and removing the add-ons you no longer use is also a good idea.

A Strong Team Can Make Your Website More Secure

These days, you don’t just hire a single Shopify Web Developer, you hire a team of professionals to make your website more secure. That is why you need the help of the team from the Collective Fab Agency. Each member of the team brings their specific set of skills to help create a stronger and more secure Shopify website. Get in touch today and start avoiding some of the more negative aspects of online security in the 2020s+.