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Website Marketing Advice From The Collective Fab Agency

As you probably know, the Collective Fab Agency has a strong online reputation for being pretty darn good at online marketing. You would think they want to keep their tips to themselves, and yet they offer them freely online to some of the world’s biggest publications. They claim there is no point in keeping this knowledge quiet because there are always improvements to be made. No matter how good your marketing is, the Collective Fab team can make it better, so why not share their good advice so that we all benefit.

Stop Focusing on Social Media

Most small-to-medium businesses concentrate on social media to a massive degree, and it means they are not maturing their other methods for getting people’s attention and building a brand. Social media seems like a great place for getting new customers because it is free and you do get some feedback, but the fact is that social media is built to gain engagement in a way that doesn’t lend itself to sales. Unless you can build legitimate buzz about something already popular, then social media shouldn’t be your primary focus.

Remember the Three Click Rule

Quite often, the biggest problem a marketing campaign has is the website itself. You should still be using the three-click rule. If people can’t find what they want, or they can’t buy what they want within three clicks, then you are doing something wrong. The three-click rule has mostly been abandoned because it seems unreasonable, but it is not about sticking to the rule, it is about having the correct mindset. You should be lowering the number of clicks and searches a user needs to do when they visit your website. Even some adverts can be too tricky and unintuitive. If your adverts are trying to lead people in with some sort of intrigue, then they are making the sale too difficult. Keep it simple and tell people what you have and tell them your prices. That way, you scare away those people who just want to look, and you only attract people who are genuinely looking to buy your products.

Remove Barriers to Your Sales

Your website and your adverts have barriers to a sale. In some cases, they are things like a hard-to-find search bar or shopping cart. Other times it is hidden prices or poorly explained features. Sometimes it is widgets that do not work, and other times it is loading times or issues that cause the problem. Perhaps the most common sales barrier is a web master’s need to promote too many different products, varieties, colors, sizes, and so forth. Forget those dumb marketing seminars about upselling, selling extras, and lateral selling, and simply make your sale. You will lose fewer customers that way.

Hire a Professional Team

The sad thing about online marketing is that the ones with the biggest budget are always the ones who win. Yet, the Collective Fab Agency operates by exploiting the weaknesses of big-budget marketing. Bigger budget marketing has to be fairly generic, which leaves room for niche areas and more nuanced marketing. Get in touch with the Collective Fab Agency and have them work on your next campaign. Build a better, stronger, and more influential marketing campaign by getting advice and help from seasoned professionals.