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Can I Hire Shopify Experts to Help Improve Sales in my Online Store?

There are plenty of so-called Shopify Experts out there to help you. The problem is separating the good ones from the willing amateurs. It is very easy to call yourself an expert these days. Asking for proven results is tough because you have no proof they did what they said they did, and testimonials are useless since anybody can fake good reviews.

Consider Your Budget and Their Prices

A structured pricing system may be cause for concern since you often find yourself having to upgrade and upgrade again in order to receive the benefits you were promised in the very beginning. Subscription prices are also worrying. Subscription prices are not so bad if the expert is giving you results, but sometimes you find yourself paying for traffic and no sales. Ideally, there should be a cheap way to test out a company to see if they can actually keep their promises.

Sales Are The Only Things That Matter

How many conversions do you make, how many units do you sell, how much money do you make. These are the only things that matter. A Shopify guru may bring lots of attention and traffic to your online store, but if you are not making sales, conversions, or money, then your Shopify guru is wasting your time and your money.

Do You Know Any Genuine Shopify Experts Referrals?

You cannot trust the referrals that the expert gives you because they are unlikely to give you their angriest customers. Online reviews can be easily fixed and loaded with fake positives, so you need to go looking for people who have actually used certain gurus and experts before.

Hopefully, you will find referrals from people you know and trust. The problem with putting such questions on websites like Quora is that the marketing companies for said gurus and experts are often the ones who reply and give referrals.

Do They Know Their Technical Stuff?

Forget old-fashioned SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it has gone the way of the dinosaur.

  •         Does your Shopify guru know about fully responsive websites, fully optimized user experiences, loading speeds, render speeds, errors, bugs, and common UI problems?
  •         Do they offer site maintenance, and can they spot any problems right away with your website?
  •         How do they A/B test?
  •         How do they ensure your website complies with national and international laws?

One issue you may have is that you do not know the answer to these problems yourself, but sometimes if you do your research and perhaps interview enough people, you get a feel for what the right answer is. You also get a feel for which companies know what they are talking about and which are trying to bluff their way through.

shopify experts

Design, Marketing, and Strategy

If you really want to improve the momentum of your online store, then you need to hire experts. On the one hand, you will get the focused efforts and work of a team of specialists, on the other you will gain access to tools and influencers that would have never had the chance to exploit on your own.

If you want your website to perform a little better, or if you think you need a little re-branding, then get in touch with Collective Fab Agency and start pushing for better results at a fair price.