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Are Shopify Web Designers a Waste of Money?

With the freedoms that capitalism provides, couldn’t anything be a waste of money? Buy a loaf of bread to feed your family, and one could hardly call it wasteful. Buy a loaf the size of a truck, and it is pretty wasteful unless your family is 30 people strong. Are Shopify Web Designers a waste of money? It depends on how you apply them, how you use them, and how you choose them.

How You Apply Your Shopify Web Designers

You may want to rebrand your entire online reputation or store. If that is the case, then spending money on web designers is a very good idea. If you want to streamline your business or perhaps make it more efficient, then a web designer can have a massive impact. You could make your website more efficient by applying the three-click rule through clever website design, or perhaps by eliminating some of your barriers to a sale, such as pop-up adverts and such.

How You Use Your Designers

A little experimentation is okay but using them as your personal tailors for your website is not a good idea. Having a set idea and a plan is a requirement. If you don’t have a goal and a plan, then you may waste a lot of money as you touch up, change and alter your website.

Another long-term problem is when people think up a website design, they use a website designer to achieve it, and then change it months later when it doesn’t connect with their audience.

If you do not have the sort of budget you can throw around, then try keeping things simple and grow to become more advanced when your eCommerce website has taken off a little more and is earning you enough money to allow experimentation.

How You Choose Your Designers

Do not believe in online reviews because they can easily be faked and be careful of answers in forums and on Q&A websites because marketers will often target them for promotional purposes. You can ask other people for referrals but try to stay with people you trust.

The problem with referrals is twofold. Sometimes, the people referring you are using affiliate links and/or are part of the designer’s marketing process. Or, the people referring you have no idea or no experience with the designer, but they are giving you the first company they found on Google because they want to be “Helpful” or “Involved.”

Choose your designer with caution, and if don’t fall for vague promises because the scammers will often give you the broadest possible answer. These are the sorts of answers with plenty of details, but no real meaning.

shopify web designers

Is Your Shopify Website Struggling?

Let’s face it if your Shopify website is struggling, you probably need the efforts of a seasoned professional to help pull you out of your negative cycle. You probably don’t need a big campaign or an expensive rebranding exercise. In many cases, a fresh pair of eyes helps highlight some of your problem areas so that your website can improve and grow organically. Get in touch with Collective Fab Agency today and find out how they may help you improve, grow, extend, scale up, and promote your Shopify business.