Shopify Experts

Top Tips That the Shopify Experts Don’t Want You To Know

If Shopify experts are truly experts, wouldn’t they want you to know everything? Wouldn’t they want you to have all the information? Ironically, no they wouldn’t. If they told you everything about running a successful Shopify website, then you would be the expert and they wouldn’t make any money from being experts. What the experts want to do is give you in-depth tutorials and information about facets of running a store without giving you the full story about running a successful Shopify website as a whole. Here are a few things they haven’t been telling you.

Make Sales Before You Make Alterations

There is an old saying that goes, “It is easy getting rich if you already are.” What they mean is that the most powerful lessons we learn are born from our successes, but since we have no idea how to become successful, it is a lost cause.

On that point, stop trying to fix up and super-optimize your Shopify website until you have started making sales. Try to learn from the pages that really make an impact. There is always something about those pages that you can apply to the rest of your website. Under most circumstances, it is the image itself or the title that is making the sale. Again, do not try to optimize and fix up your website until you are making sales. Learn from the sales you make.

Your Photos Are The Most Powerful Tool You Have

Under most circumstances, it is the cover image of your product that sells it. For example, if you have several pewter pendants, and only one of them sells well, take a good hard look at its photo. You can bet dollars to donuts that the photo itself is what is making the sales. If that is the case, keep experimenting with your photo. Rotate your photos on your other products until you start to see more success.

Analytics Are Not Your Friend

Many Shopify experts will tout the benefits of analytics. They will give you all sorts of information on how to interpret them, but the fact is that you will never have enough context to put them to good use. A great example also involves pewter pendants. A number of pewter donkey pendants started selling very well, so the Shopify owner started investing time, money, and marketing into those pendants. They were put on the front page of the website, they were put on Google Ads, and they were heavily featured on social media. Yet, two months later their sales all dried up.

Disheartened, the Shopify website owner started asking her old donkey customers why they bought. It turns out they were all from a donkey sanctuary in Scotland and they had been raising awareness with the pendants. The Shopify website owner took a look at her analytics and wasted lots of money and time on the donkey pendants, so beware of trusting your analytics because they aren’t as helpful as you think they are.

Getting Better Help From People Who Care

You need a company that is full of Shopify Experts, and a company that actually cares about your business. The people at Collective Fab Agency are not angels or saints. They want to make an honest buck, and they are smart enough to understand that if you succeed, then they succeed. If you do well with your Shopify website, then you can come back to the Collective Fab Agency and order some of their more prestigious services.