Does Shopify Have eBay on the Run?

Is Shopify taking business away from eBay? Does Shopify have eBay on the run? Darn right it does. eBay has spent so much time siding with the customer and angling its terms to suit the customer that it is a toxic and unfriendly place for sellers. They also got rid of PayPal because PayPal sided with sellers when customers claimed they didn’t receive packages that they obviously received.

The executives at eBay thought they were invincible. They figured that they have outwitted Amazon for all these years and that sellers had nowhere else to go, but they were wrong. Those same sellers set up their Shopify websites, and they used plugins to quickly export their listings from eBay to their Shopify website. Nowadays, Shopify websites pull in more customers as a whole than eBay does, and eBay knows it.

Is Shopify Success Powered By Search Engines?

The reason why most websites are WordPress websites is because Google favors them. They are well set out, they are often well coded, and they make it easy for users to make good websites. That is why Google favored them, which helped power their success. Is the same thing happening with Shopify?

Has Shopify made it so easy to set up an eCommerce website that Google has started favoring them for the same reason they favored WordPress? It is possible that this is the case, but it is only part of the story.

The way Google works, they like to set up personalized search experiences for each user. One of the great things about Shopify shops is that they often suit a certain demographic. It is very easy for Google to slot a few Shopify results into everybody’s search engine results. For example, the old lady who loves vintage Harley memorabilia will probably see two or three Shopify websites in her results that offer her vintage Harley memorabilia. For Google, this is far better than putting eBay shops and eBay products in the search engine results because those products/shops/adverts may be gone by the time the old lady clicks the link.

Are You On the Cutting Edge of Shopify’s Popularity?

Since Shopify websites are now doing so well, the question begs, are you on the upswing of that success? Are you seeing more and more traffic, or are you still struggling? Nobody knows how long this surge in Shopify customers will last. It could go on for decades, or Shopify could be replaced by a new service by this time next year. We don’t know how things are going to work, but in most cases, when something is replaced by something better, then there has to be something wrong with the original, and there isn’t anything wrong with Shopify. In fact, some say that Shopify is what has replaced the more expensive and more complicated Magento eCommerce system.

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