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Can Top Quality Shopify Web Design Save Your Online Business?

Yes, top-quality Shopify Web Design can save your online business, but it isn’t a guarantee. There are many reasons why your online business may be failing. However, there are times when the things that are causing your failure can be glossed over with a good Shopify web design. Think of it as a restaurant. There are some restaurants that serve okay food, but their location and their decor are what keep people coming back. If you have a good website, if your website is efficient, if it gets the job done with the least amount of fuss, then people will keep visiting even if you don’t have the best prices or product range. Here are a few ways that good website design can save your online business.

Clutter is the Sales Killer

A good website designer will know how to lead the eye. They will know how a person sees your website, where their eye will move, and how their decisions will be affected by what they see and in what order.

A common Shopify mistake is to put lots of content and offers into one page. People think that if they stuff their page with enough good offers, then at least one of them will hit, but that is not the way it works. This is not like fishing in a pond where you are guaranteed a bite if you put enough worms on hooks. Clutter is a sales killer, and a good web designer can help de-clutter your website.

Loading Times Scare People Away

For starters, Google doesn’t like websites that take too long to load. Modern Shopify themes will often take an overly long time to load. A good website designer will create a website that loads very quickly so that Google doesn’t penalize them.

The fact is that slow-loading websites are often ignored by viewers. People are not willing to wait around for a website to load. Plus, even if they hang around long enough for some of your websites to load, they may decide that the little they have seen is enough and decide to leave before it has fully loaded.

Reflect Your Individuality

One of the sad things about Shopify websites is that they have this feeling of sameness. They are all a bit samey. It is not in an overt way. It is just that when you see a Shopify website, you kind of know it is a Shopify website. What you need is a Shopify web design that puts across your brand principles. One that represents you and your company. One that represents you as an individual.

Make no mistake, this doesn’t mean having a weird original website, it means having a custom-designed website that clearly represents you and your brand. If you want a Shopify design that speaks to your audience, then get in touch with the experts at Collective Fab Agency and have them build something that helps you stand out from the crowd.