Shopify marketing

Why is Shopify Marketing Such a Waste of Money?

Have you ever tried paying for Shopify marketing? Have you tried the marketing schemes, the affiliate adverts, the social media campaigns? Have you noticed how much of a waste of money they are? You may get a few extra viewers, but in terms of sales and subscriptions, you are throwing money away at nothing. Why is it that marketing for Shopify is such a waste of money?

The “Lord of War” Said it Best

There is an amazing movie called “Lord of War” starring the legendary Nicholas Cage, where he says, “Making an honest buck is too hard, there are too many people trying it.” In other words, the sheer number of competitors who are vying for your customers is massive. Marketing your Shopify is difficult to impossible because there are so many other people doing it.

You are competing with other Shopify users, which is already a massive user base since Shopify has really taken off in recent years. You are also competing with every other eCommerce shop and every other website that attracts the same types of customers like you.

You Don’t Have The Budget For the Job

Why are so many other people bothering to promote their Shopify websites if competition is so fierce? To quote Fry on “Futurama,” nobody in New York owns a car, there is too much traffic. In short, even if the entire Shopify community stopped advertising tomorrow, there are still so many other advertisers that there is no room to squeeze in your shop or your products.

The only companies that make a real impact online are the ones that can spend thousands per month. It is not about dominating a certain platform, it is about spending enough so that your adverts actually spawn.

For example, if you were advertising on Google Ads with candle adverts. If you do not have a high enough bid amount, then your adverts will not even spawn. If you are lucky, your adverts may spawn on a random website at 2 am in morning. Otherwise, all the other adverts that pay more in bids will appear before you.

The only way to get anywhere with your Shopify promotions is to target a very specific user. You need to know where they visit, what they do online, and why they want your products. If you are going to pay for marketing, you cannot afford to have it wasted on people who may not buy. That is what targeting is all about, it is about getting your message across to those few people who may buy your product and convincing them to buy from you and not your competitors.

Targeted Promotion to the Right People

Most forms of Shopify marketing are a waste of money because of the sheer amount of competition out there for views, for clicks, subscriptions, and sales. If you want to make an impact, you need to target the right people. These days, if you want to make an impact, you don’t yell to a crowd with a megaphone, you have a quiet conversation with a very select few.

If you would like people to hear your voice, if you would like to target the right people, then get in touch with the Collective Fab Agency and start making a real impact with people who are genuinely interested in your products and services.