Shopify Experts

Relevant Marketing Advice From Shopify Experts

Modern Shopify experts are not just concerned with design. Sure, they make most of their money creating Shopify designs and features, but experts have plenty to say on marketing. Shopify is a massive platform, which means you have competitors both in the online world and from Shopify users themselves. Here is a little advice to help you pull out in front of the race against your competitors.

Keep Your Offers Simple

Many Shopify users are tempted by marketing e-books that tell you to pile benefits on top of being, but this simply doesn’t work. You can add on a freebie along with an added service and a bit extra, but people are not fooled by these tactics. Keep your offer as simple as possible and you will have more luck.

Take better Photographs

In almost every case, when a popular product is selling badly, it is because the Shopify website owner has bad photos. You need to take better photos of your products. Try to avoid using the manufacturer’s photos as your main photos because there are already too many people using them. Your items will sink into the background if you use the same photos as other people.

Lose the Pop-ups and Subscription Banners

Forget about trying to get people to sign up and getting people to join, follow you or favorite your website. You simply do not have the marketing power to gather customers through these tactics. The only people who will subscribe to your newsletters are spammers and your competitors. Stick to market your products on their own merit and forget about list building, pre-selling, after selling, and upselling. Get rid of anything that annoys you about other websites. Are you angered by cookie pop-ups or advert pop-ups? Do slow loading times annoy you? Think of what frustrates you about other websites and make sure your website doesn’t do the same sorts of things.

Stop Competing on Price

You are not going to compete on price. No matter how good your prices are, no matter how slim your profit margins are, there are always going to be people who can provide your items and services for cheaper. Sell your products on just about anything other than the selling price. Be the ones who ship the same day, or who offer warranties, or who gift wrap, or who drop ship. 

Stick to a Single Selling Point

When you are marketing outside of your website, stick to a single selling point and build your brand image around that selling point (if you can). When people visit your website and see your products, then they can learn about your other selling points and the other benefits of your product. But, while on your website, you should only concentrate on one selling point because your target audience is not paying enough attention for you to promote more than one selling point.

Get Help From The Right People

It probably seems obvious, but most people are willing to offer advice. Getting advice, free or not, is no determiner as to if the advice is any good. If you are looking for help and advice with your Shopify marketing, then get in touch with real Shopify Experts. Get in touch with the seasoned professionals at Collective Fab Agency. With a little help, you can outlast and outmaneuver your competitors in the medium and long term.