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Search Engine Marketing Advice From The Collective Fab Agency

The Collective Fab Agency has spent years helping people get noticed on the Internet. Helping large businesses, small startups, and even social media influencers make their mark on the world wide web. These days, search engine marketing has changed quite a bit. Here are a few things you should seriously consider the next time you are building your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign.

Remove Annoying Website Elements

The most annoying website elements are the ones that are the most heavily marketed. People are told that things like pop-up adverts increase sign-ups and engagement by X%, but what they fail to tell you is how many people they annoy, and how that negatively affects your search engine ranking.

Get rid of anything that your users find annoying, such as pop-ups, sticky bars, unsolicited adverts, unexpected noises, music at full volume, and auto-start videos. If you are annoying your users, then you are damaging your search engine ranking.

Lower Rendering and Loading Times

In essence, when your website takes too long to render or load, then it annoys the user, which is why Google still considers these to be big factors in your modern SEO. Run your website through the and see what Google says about your page speeds. You will be surprised by just how many things are holding your website back.

Usually, it is your website hosting that is the biggest problem, but there are many times when your website’s base coding (or template) is to blame. Many times, it is your over-use of add-ons, extensions, or plugins that are slowing your website down.

Consider the Three-Click Rule

People should be able to find what they want within three clicks. In reality, this is a very difficult thing to achieve, especially if you have a massive website with lots of different target audiences. However, maintaining the mindset of the three-click rule is very important. You should always be looking for ways to narrow the number of barriers in each person’s navigation, from shopping carts that don’t load correctly, to search bars that are too difficult to find.

Navigation on the whole can have a massive effect on your search engine ranking. The easier it is for people to find what they want, the better your website ranks. This is especially true if you give your users more methods to find things, from search bars and suggested pages, to buttons, widgets, links, and hierarchical category navigation. Also, make sure your web pages don’t time out when people click the back button (unless you are running a financial account website).

Hire a Good Marketing Company

You want a company that caters to all sides of the search engine marketing spectrum. You want a company that addresses your website’s problems, your social media problems, your online reputation problems, and your direct search engine problems. In reality, you need a company like the Collective Fab Agency to address each issue to improve your search engine ranking and your online reputation. You need a long-term plan with a strong foundation to help grow your business and your online reputation, and you can do that with Collective Fab Agency. Get in touch today and discuss your website and search engine campaign needs.