Shopify SEO

Simple But Effective Shopify SEO Advice

Modern SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keeps on changing. This article offers some simple SEO advice since the simple stuff doesn’t change or evolve as quickly as the more advanced Shopify SEO advice. Before you dismiss this information as “Common knowledge” remember that advice like “Get more sleep” and “Don’t eat fatty foods” is also common knowledge, and yet there are millions of people who ignore it. When it comes to SEO, simple advice is often the most powerful.

Simplify Your Website

An easy-to-use, intuitive and useful website is far more search engine friendly than a website that people have to work to use. The fewer work people have to do to use your website, the better it will rank on social media.

Popularity Does Count

When you pay for adverts, you are exposed to an audience that you wouldn’t normally be exposed to. This is good for your search engine ranking because those same people may mention and promote your website in the long run. However, if you use paid advertising too much, then the search engines rely on it and will start lowering your ranking when you stop paying for promotion.

Improve Your On-Page Navigation

By all means, simplify your website, but try to come up with several ways for people to navigate. There are regular links, buttons, and widgets. But, also consider the hierarchical categories navigation that companies like eBay and Amazon use. Consider search bars and recommended pages too.

Remove Pop-ups and Sticky Bars

Despite the massive amount of promotion they have had online, they harm your search engine ranking. The bigger websites can use them because they are spending thousands on promotions, but the fact is that they annoy users, so they visit your website less, which negatively affects your SEO.

Don’t Use Images For No Reason

Old SEO advice said you should add a few images to each page, but this is no longer a good piece of advice. WordPress has a tick box that allows you to note which of your images are purely decorative. If you are adding images, then make sure they are useful and relevant. Also, use Google’s WebP image file type because they are going to slowly favor them more over the next ten years.

Check The Google Developer Tools

There is a page speed checking tool that was originally built by the team at Google. It is called, and it allows you to enter a single page into the tool. It then tells you how quickly other people are downloading, loading, and rendering your page. The tool then goes into great detail to explain what is slowing your web page down. It is very technical information, but also very useful for improving your website speeds.

Get Help With Your SEO Campaign

There are many elements of an SEO campaign that require a lot of work. That is why larger companies can dominate to such a massive degree, it is because they can hire warehouses full of people to work on their SEO all day and night. If you want to compete on the next level with your Shopify SEO, then you need to get in touch with the Collective Fab Agency and start discussing your options. Get the team to start powering through your SEO and start building a stronger online presence.