Shopify Web Developer

Signs You Need a Shopify Web Developer

The most obvious qualifier is that you must need or want a Shopify store. There is no point in hiring a Shopify Web Developer to fix up your car. Either way, there are times during the life cycle of an online store when help is needed. You can push through some problems on your own, but that is no different than suffering through an illness when you could go see a doctor. Perhaps your problem isn’t terminal but getting help from a professional could help quite a bit and save you a lot of suffering. Here are just a few signs that you may need a web developer for your Shopify store.

Pages Are Loading Too Slowly

The odd thing is that the problem is almost always due to a conflict or issue with the Shopify system itself. It is like having a Porsche car, but somewhere somebody has added a brass cog instead of a high tensile steel one, and suddenly things are going wrong and you don’t know why. If your pages are loading too slowly, bring in a developer to fix up the problem. There is also a thing called render time, which is the time it takes for any sort of content to appear on the screen. Render times can also be improved by a good web developer.

You Are Worried About Security

There are plugins and extensions you can use, and there are even subscription services you can use to improve your security, but they are all exploitable in their own way. They are like adding padlocks to your front door, even if your front door is made of rice paper. The key to security is having it hard coded into your website, and that is what a web developer can do. Turn your paper door into a titanium one.

Your Content Looks Wrong

There are several ways this problem may present itself. Sometimes it is just that the images look out of place, and other times it is that your content loads slower than the rest of your page. It may be that your content works on some devices and not on others, or that it formats funny or your text goes missing. In almost every case, unless you have a poor-quality template/theme, the problem sits within the website infrastructure itself. In many cases, a developer can do a clean sweep of your code, tidy it up, and fix the problem in a few hours. 

You Keep Using Poor Quality Developers

The weird thing is that it is tough to see how bad a developer is until some time has elapsed and you can see the full extent of the damage. You start to notice that plugins and extensions don’t work, that pages don’t load quickly, or that your shared pages look weird on social media. Perhaps one of the biggest signs that you need a Shopify web developer is because you have hired so many poor-quality ones in the past that you need a professional company to swoop in and clean up their messes. It is time to get serious about your website, and it begins with a visit to the Collective Fab Agency website.