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Top Tips That Shopify Web Developers Don’t Want You To Know

Let’s face it, if Shopify web developers started shouting about all the secrets and tips they have stored in their minds, then they would put themselves out of business. There are certain things that Shopify experts and web developers don’t want you to know, and here they are.

Loading Times Are Most of Your Grade

College is becoming so easy that people say that showing up for an exam is most of your grade. When it comes to Shopify promotion, your loading and render times are what have the biggest impact on how search engine friendly your website is.

There are actually free Shopify templates that are very slow so that they can sell you their premium versions that go quickly and rank up the search engines higher. Web developers don’t want you to know that the analytic tools, the viewer counters, the pop-ups are actually slowing down your website and hindering your progress up the search engine results.

Use Solid Rounded Up Prices

The old trick of charging $4.99 or $4.95 was supposed to fool people into thinking that the prices they were paying are far less than what they really are. However, those days have passed. Back in the 60s, you could sell a house for $9999 because it looked cheaper than a house for $10,000, but those days have gone.

Nowadays, it actually hinders your sales process because it makes adding up the total more difficult for mathematically challenged people. You have to remember that the education system in the USA is one of the worst in the developed world, so you need to keep things as simple as possible. Plus, if you think about it, who really cares about 99 cents anymore? It is now such a small amount of money that you may as well round up the number to make your website easier to use.

Stop Having Sales

If you are running a large chain store where people desperately need your products, then you can run sales. For example, if you are selling mattresses, then you can run sales. This is because when people need a mattress, they have to buy it right away, they cannot wait around for months for your next sale. However, if you are selling non-essential items, then people will just wait for your next sale before they buy.

If you never have sales, then people are more likely to buy from you when the impulse takes them. You may think they are going to run over to your competitors who are having sales, but that is the counter-intuitive element that Shopify developers don’t want you to know. People pick the product first, not the sale, and if your product is available but “not” on sale, people will still buy it. Plus, if you can afford to offer sale prices, then why not just lower your prices to those amounts all the time? That way, when people see your competitors having sales for the same product prices that are yours as standard, it will make you look good.

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